FOWC with Fandango: Ruler


What is there to say about a ruler? We have many in the world. Some are OK, some are not so good, and we just do not talk about the others. My ruler is long, so long that I did not have the room to include it all in one photo. Here we have the beginning of the ruler. It is straight and only manages to show 9 centimetres. Forget inches, we are decimal in Europe, even the Brits who usually do everything different to the others. I am sure Boris Johnson would agree with me, although he is not really a ruler, because his government are still thinking about it.


And now we have the middle of the ruler, sorry that I missed a few centimetres. In the middle of ruling, things tend to get a bit boring and some rulers even find that they are no longer as popular as they were. Some of them might throw a tantrum, and others begin to put those in prison that are regarded as a disturbance to their ideas.


And now we reach the end of my ruler just 30 centimetres. Of course there are longer rulers, some never stop ruling until they are either deposed through a revolution, or assasination. Some stay until the bitter end when everyone is glad that they have at last drawn their final breath.

Of course there are always exceptions. The Queen of England is still ruling, although only because the government has it all under control. And she does not really do any harm. There are other rulers who have no intention of giving up and stay to the bitter end, convinced about their own immortality.

And that is the end of my ruler, created by a local printer.

FOWC with Fandango: Ruler