RDP #34: Resurrect

Cows 26.05 (3)

The question is “where have the cows gone”. This has been a source of worry for me for at least a month. I have even reduced my beef content on my dinner plate, thinking perhaps I am eating a piece of Bluebell, the cow second from the left. Have our cows now served their purpose by eating the meadow empty? Perhaps the udder is now dry, the calves now being independent enough to produce their own milk.

I live in a village surrounded by cows, the population of cows almost exceeding that of humans. Where are the bulls you might ask. They live on their own in a special place called artificial insemination centre. I will not go into detail, but they are well cared for although perhaps not so much fun as they should have in the necessities of life:

Bulls Getting Busy

But where are the cows. I went for a wheelie in my chair today and noticed one of the local farmers replacing some wire at one of the cow enclosures: are the cows being resurrected? I greeted the farmer with a “good day”. In Switzerland if you start a conversation with a cheery hello it melts any tension and ensures an answer. I continued and told the farmer since a month at least I have not seen a single cow anywhere and can no longer enjoy my beefsteak or hamburger, not knowing if the ingredients might be a cow I once took a photo of.

The farmer looked at me as if I came from another planet, but realised I must be an ignorant foreigner. He informed that the weather is now far too hot for a cow to graze on the meadow during the day as they also have their problems with the summer heat it seems. They now remain inside during the day and are only let out at night. If you ever visit Switzerland you will know why the fields are full of cows during the night.

I was relieved, Bluebell is still alive and supplying the coffee cream and cereal milk. When I arrived home I told Mr. Swiss the good news and explained the disappearance of the cows, “Of course” he said, he could have told me and saved me many sleepless nights.

Cow 27.09.2017

RDP #34: Resurrect