RDP #18: Stellar

Full moon behind the clouds

“Dracky look, it is a full moon night tonight.”

“I thought it might be, bring me my sunglasses Morticia. I am feeling my age.  I am no longer the youngest.

“And what’s all this with the sunglasses? Vampires do not buy sunglasses at the opticians.”

“Of course not, if Nosferatu saw me I would be the laughing stock of the coffins. I order them online.”

“I noticed we are getting more parcels lately, but you should really keep Alfie tied up in the garden. Since the postman lost a finger  after his last visit he now just throws the parcels over the quicksand instead of bringing them to the door. Werewolf bites are not very pleasant. It took a while to show the postman the safe path without sinking into the mire and now the parcels sink in the sand if he doesn’t aim right. You were lucky that Alfie thought it was a game and retrieved the glasses.”

“That was why there were teeth marks in the frames. Naughty boy Alfie”

“Growl, growl”

“Down boy, take your teeth out of my neck.”

“Where has the romance gone Dracky. 300 years ago you would take me in your arms and hitch onto my neck and make the most of it. Today you even order the blood online from the blood bank. You hardly leave the coffin.”

“I am feeling my age Morticia and you know I love you, we are tied together by some mysterious sort of blood group.”

“Let’s open the window and gaze at the stars and the moon together.”

“You must be joking Morticia. Think of all those bats flying around outside. They will think it is an open invitation and fly in. Some of them might even be vampires in disguise and my next delivery from the blood bank is only next week. There will not be enough to go round. You know how greedy they can get. It is late and I am feeling tired.”

“It used to be “the sun will soon be rising and we must hurry to celebrate the remains of the night”. Where are you going Dracky?”

“To the cellar of course, where are my bat slippers?”

“They are in front of the fire to keep them nice and warm, I know you hate having cold feet.”

“Another problem when I get older, Dr. Mabuse said it is bad circulation and he should know. How comes you keep so fresh Morticia.”

“No problem, but I go out for my blood supplies where it is fresh and young. I know where my blood comes from. That blood bank stuff is suspicious and I am sure they freeze it now and again to keep it fresh. They even deliver it in refrigerated boxes.”

“You think so, perhaps I will accompany you the next time.”

“Why not, but not in your bat slippers, at least wear a decent pair of shoes and forget that t-shirt with the words “I am not aneamic, I always look like this” people might start to believe it.”

RDP #18: Stellar