RDP#9: Ragabash

head with leaves eyes mouth

“He does look a bit different to the others”

“But do you think he will fit in?”

“Time will tell.”

“I am not sure, I knew him since he was a kid and he never had any friends. He was always a ragabash.”

“All a matter of putting him in the right place at the right time.”

“So what shall we do with him.”

“Put him in the back row and ignore him. He might melt into the surroundings.”

“I don’t like that tongue. Close the mouth and the eyes”

“I will do not such thing, we had enough trouble getting him here. he always was something completely different.”

“But you cannot put him there with the others.”

“Why not, no-one will care.

“There isn’t any room.”

“Of course there is, look”

“But you shouldn’t have done that, there will be problems.”

“Yes there will, so let’s go home and leave him to rest. The problems can solve theirselves.”

That night strange things happened. They found another one on the street with those strange marks on the neck, another bloodless corpse. They should have left the stake in the heart, even if the body did not fit in the coffin.

RDP#9: Ragabash