RDP Wednesday: Quest

Swan 06.04 (1)

In Spring last year the local horse farm had a new arrival at the pond. There were two black swans. I was searching through my photos yesterday and discovered that some of my swan photos had disappeared into the wrong section where I keep trucks and tractors. I must have had a sleepy moment.

I am always on a quest for some closeups of the duck/swan population and it seems I had them, but stowed away in the wrong place.

Swan 06.04 (2)

I was a pair of black swans and I was pleased to see that I did actually capture them with my camera. I had really forgotten these photos.

Swan 06.04 (11)

Pairs of swans rarely stay on their own and one day they were accompanied by their cygnets.

Black Swans 15.04 (8)

And as time passed, mum and dad swan took the kids for a walk to show them the other birds-

Black swan 10.06 (5)

And the cygnets began to grow, although still stayed with mum and dad.

Swans 09.08 (2)

And eventually there was a whole family of black swans. Mum and dad are still there and I see them now and again, but the kids no longer. The last time I saw the cygnets  they were no longer such white fluffy balls but had began to get their black feathers although a little mixed with some white. They are probably now in their own ponds and will be fulfilling their quest this year to build their own family.

I had never seen black swans before, only on Australian stamps. As a kid I would collect stamps from other countries, and was always fascinated by these swans. It took many years, but last year I saw a complete family growing up just across the road.

RDP Wednesday: Quest

Photo Challenge: Quest

Feldbrunnen 23.o9 (9)Jura mountains – view from our vilage of Feldbrunnen, Switzerland

Ducks Geese 23.09 (12)

We now have ducks and geese at the local farm

Photography is a hobby. I love taking photos, something different. Macro and close up are my favourite photos. These photos are a result of my quest for a teleobjective for my camera. A wish I had for some time, saved up and now have my lens. I was standing far away when I took the photos, but now I can do the close-ups I had dreamed off. Taking photos of distant landscapes and animals separated by wire fencing is no longer a problem. I am now a happy photographer. It is especially important for me as I am no longer as agile as I would like to be and this lens has brought me the fun I was missing with my photography.

Photo Challenge: Quest