Daily Prompt: Is it really me


How to you know that it is I, me and myself writing this piece at some time after three in the afternoon. Of course, I have even taken an instant photo of my time on my mobile and did an instant upload on my photo site. This all takes time, but not so much time  and now we actually have 15:22 according to my iPhone. I no longer wear a watch, there is no point. I have an iPhone – modern online golden oldie and all that.

So I am now sitting at my computer and writing at the above time – a little later. But is it really me. Perhaps I took this photo yesterday, or last week and stored it for further use. I can even write my daily prompts by proxy. I could have written this piece yesterday and programmed it for today. We can do so much in advance today. I could be having tea with the Queen and appointed someone else to write this piece for me.

I see my favourite sitcom, my only sitcom on TV, every evening, The Eastenders. It is on the british channel at 7.30 english time but I watch it usually at 9.00 p.m. because Mr. Swiss records it. I remember the days when you had a TV and had to plan your life around the various programme times. I loved “The Avengers” the late Patrick Macnee being one of my teenage “hearthrobs” of the day, but it was televised late in the evening. The only possibility to see it was to stay up and go to bed later. Today I would record it.

We tend to play with time today. We do it all by proxy if you like We are not really there when it happens, because our electronic devices are proxy devices. I authorise my proxy device, a DVD recorder or whatever, to do it all for me and then I can watch at a suitable time. I am now my own proxy person. I cannot be there and so instead of engaging a person to do it for me, I use modern techniques. My programe is recorded and I watch the original when I have time.

Yesterday we were in the supermarket and there was a company demonstrating the new gaming system: a sort of hologram way of doing things. I was watching a young man demonstrating how we was gaming online in his own invisible world. He was holding a device and was swiping around with it in the air. As he was wearing some sort of head set resembling a reinforced pair of eye glasses with dark glass, I felt sorry for him. Perhaps he had a sight impairment. Suddenly a young lady, asked if I would also like to try it out. I decided walking with a stick was bad enough, but my sight is still good enough without wearing strange eye glasses, although it is apparently the new trend. Gaming has gone to a new level.

Perhaps all of this has nothing to do with proxy. I mean if Mr. Trump needs to employ a lookalike as protection it is his business, although I cannot imagine anyone in their right mind wanting to look like Donald Trump – just a thought.

I was not comfortable with this prompt, but can assure you that it is really me writing on my computer.

Daily Prompt: Is it really me