Flower of the Day: 11.11.2016 Poppy


PoppyI was shopping today and took a few photos of flowers I would like to feature here. Whilst I was choosing I realised that today was 11.11. the date when World War I officially came to an end and a date when we think of the fallen in the great war. There was nothing really great about a war that caused millions of deaths because in Sarejvo, somewhere in a Balkan republic, Archduke Franz Fedinand was assasinated by an unknown terrorist. Afterwards  a chain reaction occurred and everyone fought against everyone else. My grandfather was one of the chosen for Great Britain. I am sure he did not know the actual reason why. His country was involved and he was called up to join in and in those days you did not, or perhaps could not, say no. Grandad was in the medical core and returned afterwards to his wife and kids when my dad saw his father for the first time, saying to his mum “who’s that man?” after seeing them arm in arm and my grandmother told him “that’s your father”, at least that is what my dad told me. He was three years old.  What was grandad doing – he collected the dead in the trenches. He was already too old to fight.

So today I wore my poppy on my coat when I went shopping. I usually do on this day and other years I have been asked why. Switzerland is a neutral country, although they also lost members of their army now and again, but the meaning of the poppy on this day is not so well known. I bought my poppy some years ago in London when I was visiting my father, and have kept it since. My dad also served in World War II as a normal soldier in the Royal Artillary on the big guns.

May this never happen again in Europe.

Flower of the Day: 11.11.2016 Poppy

Flower of the Day: 26.05.2016 Poppies

Poppies 26.05 (1)

Today it was a wonderful warm sunny day so we made a visit to the show gardens at the local gardening center. The shop was closed, otherwise I would probably have spent a fortune of something for the garden, but the grounds were open. At the moment it seems to be between seasons, but there were poppies flowering on most of the flower beds.

Flower of the Day: 26.05.2016 Poppies