Discover Challenge: The Poetry of List Making

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The idea of your list is like a bud, the promise of a flower that will unfold and fulfil you with your desires.

Give it nourishment, ideas, design it with care.
Do not forget to begin with a capital letter to show its importance.
Use some descriptions
There is no point in just writing meat, but perhaps neck of pork, beef loin or chicken breast; use your imagination. Perhaps you want to embellish it with some vegetable. Add cabbage, carrots, leek and even tomatoes, this is a composition of taste.
But perhaps it is something more important than food, more important than food?

Deposit, withdrawal, pay your debt – it is all to do with the financial situation. Your list is becoming a source of necessity, survival. Write the details of how much you owe to those that sent the demand for payment. Tick off everything on your list, be sure nothing is forgotton, this is a matter of holding up your head high and being honest.
Remember the appointment with the doctor, the therapist, the hairdresser, and the gardener. Above all do not forget your computer, it is waiting.

The fulfilment of meeting the requirements of the weekly, daily, hourly challenges. Hourly? not yet, but be prepared, your list must include everything.

And do not forget Aunt Mabel’s birthday, Uncle Sam and Aunt Mildred’s wedding anniversary – did you organise to buy the cards to be sent.
Great Uncle Montgomery died last week, it was expected. Did you send your condolences, have you remembered when the funeral will be. Never forget a funeral, one day it might be yours, and if you do not arrive at your own funeral, well that would really be a catastrophe.

Put everything on your list. But a list is not a list if you do not read it, or forget it. Add to your list: make it sing, make it sound, make it vibrate.
On your mobile telephone with a marked sound, adding vibrations and put the mobile telephone in your pocket. You will have no regrets.

Lists are a part of your life, part of your anatomy, an extension of your brain power and then they will bear a flower.

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Beware, everything has restrictions. They will wilt and die if they are ignored and forgotten. They need nurtering, fertiliser and care. Always have your list with you, otherwise this will be the result.

Hibiscus 19.08 (1)

Discover Challenge: The Poetry of List Making