Colour Your World: Pine Green

Woodgrange Park Cemetery

Woodgrange Park  Cemetery in the Eastern part of London where most of my mother’s family are/were buried including my grandfather. Unfortunately the site has been neglected and left to nature and no-one feels responsible for it. It is decided to build on part of it, which has been done. Another part has been changed into a muslim cemetery and the rest are just left to collapse. It seems one grave is on the photo which is comparably new. I visited it about 10 years ago, and was disgusted that a cemetery could be so treated. It was in private ownership and was sold and the remainings are just going to ruin. This is one of the photos I took which at least has  grave with pine green stones.

Metro train

On a visit to Paris in 1997 I took this photo of a train in the Metro.

Colour Your World: Pine Green