September Photo a Day Challenge: 14. Dappled


This is a glass door I encountered on a wheelie in town in my chair. It was certainly a dappeled pattern with its contours reflecting the light.


And then on my journey yesterday along the river bank, I noticed the river also catching the sun’s rays and light reflections on the water surface.

September Photo a Day Challenge: 14. Dappled

September Photo a Day Challenge: 13. Lines


Actually I intended to use this photo from the overhead cables of our local train that travels from village to village along the road until it reaches the end station of Solothurn, where we have the train connections to the rest of Europe, speaking largely. Then something happened.


As I look up when I ventured out into the garden this morning and saw these designs in the sky from various passing aircraft, I decided I must share these as well, it was like a painting in the sky.


I will leave you with the 0 and X (noughts and cross) game above.

September Photo a Day Challenge: 13. Lines

September Photo a Day Challenge: 12. Made of Wood

HESO 30.08 (4)

In a week our annual Autumn fair will be opening. This is a photo of last years entrance attraction. Eventually it was to be a tribute to nature with various wooden objects and some trees. These were the first stages of the building.

HESO 14.09 (3)

And this was the finished product: even the ground was covered with wood chips.

September Photo a Day Challenge: 12: Made of Wood

Photo a Day Challenge: 11. Birds

Pigeons 30.04 (10)

Featuring the pigeon population of Solothurn in Switzerland.

Pigeons seems to be everywhere in the world, so I dedicate this little article to them. Every time I wheel into town in my chair they gather on the wall bordering the River Aare. In Spring it is particularly interesting, as it is the time when boy is looking for girl. The males puff up their colourful chests and strut around amongst the ladies making a throaty sound, as if to say “I am willing”.

This one seems to have found a partner, completed his duty and was getting ready to leave. I wonder if he stays around to meet his kids or leaves the mate to it?

Photo a Day Challenge: Birds