RDP Saturday: Patterns

Baselstrasse 11.01 (35)

When I go anywhere, in the car or in my wheelchair, I always have a camera with me. In the car, because I am the driver, I just now have my mobile phone camera to use for places I visit. In my wheelchair I can take it all with me as I do not have to carry anything. I have a large bag with space for my DSLR Nikon camera and any lens I wish to take, although I have a good adjustable lens up to 300 and that serves my purpose well.

Patterns are everywhere. The photo above is from a house wall. It always fascinated me and so I had to take a photo.

Baselstrasse 11.01 (19)

Shop windows can have the most interesting arrangements. This is the window of a bookbinder and picture framer. I found the arrangement of the various pages from a book very interesting.

Shadows Langendorf 06.06 (1)

I have a collection of shadow patterns. This is one of my favourites showing the reflections caused by the sun on a bridge with glass sides at the local supermarket.

Clouds 28.03 (1)

And often you are surrounded by patterns. Just lift your eyes to the sky and the clouds make their own patterns.

RDP Saturday: Patterns