RDP Sunday: Partner

A firebug’s life can be somewhat trying. Finding a mate is good for the maintenance of the species, but walking with your partner for a week is a little trying, although this does not seem to bother the female. Reading up on the subject, it seems the females are not very choosy, and may mate with a few males, storing their sperm. Being no expert, I do not know what the idea is, but there are always enough firebugs in my garden. The species seems to be developing well. They are the first insects I see during the year and also the last. Seems to me the idea of having a partner is quite fashionable amongst firebugs.

RDP Sunday: Partner

FOWC with Fandango: Partner


“Buy some pastry and I will make one of those apple tarts.”

which was how it all began. My other half had been inspired by the apples collected from our tree. Not so many this year, but enough for 4 or 5 tarts, and so the first was on its way. To be quite honest I was not in the mood for baking, although the suggestion came from the other side.

And so I bought the pastry. Three days passed and the pastry was still untouched wrapped in its plastic: no problem the “best before” date had not yet expried.

It was now Sunday and I had time and I reminded Mr. Swiss that we still have the pastry for an apple tart. He then gathered courage and assured me that “Oh yes, I will make a tart”.

I began: lined the baking tin with paper and the pastry and lo and behold he was in the kitchen searching for a peeler for the apples. And so he peeled the apples and I cut them into suitable sized pieces and line the pastry with them. At that point in the baking operation, we were equal partners, more or less. In the meanwhile I had began to heat the oven and when the temperature was right in they went to be pre-baked.

Mr. Swiss: at some point of the operation he had disappeared into the living room.  I began to mix the eggs, sugar, cornflour and cream to pour over the now half baked apples and pastry. Another half an hour and our co-opertive effort was finished.

In the evening Mr. Swiss helped me to eat the Swiss apple tart.

Now that is real partnership. He really did peel the apples nicely I must say.

FOWC with Fandango: Partner

RDP Thursday: Partner

Wheelchair 28.12 (3)

I am suddenly finding partners everywhere. As soon as you have a wheelchair or need a walker, even a stick you are a member of the team. You park your car in places especially  for the handicapped next to cars belonging to others under the same circumstances.

The exchange of words starts immediately. Just a hello, a smile, or a discussion. It is not about your problems, you discuss those enough with the doctor, but you have something in common and so the contact takes place. Just a chance meeting perhaps in town at the local market: each of you in their own wheelchair and the contact is made. We talk about our hobbies, about places we go.  An athlete who lives in our local town once wheeled past me and greeted friendly. He has won many gold medals at the paraplegic games and is quite well known.

RDP Thursday: Partner

RDP Sunday Fill-in: Partner

Swans 12.09 (1)

Swans appear in pairs on our river. No matter what the time of the year, they float around together and often synchronise their movements, although there two decided to see what was available in food on the bed of the river.

I read that their partnership remains for years, breeding families annually.

Swans 30.09 (7)

No matter how big the cygnets are, they stay with mum and dad for quite a while, at least the first year of their life, until the ugly ducklings became beautiful swans and they stay on our river. Often you find them swimming with dad or mum at the front and the partner at the back. The River Aare is a long river reaching from the lower Aare glacier in the Bernese Highlands of Switzerland and eventually flowing into the Rhine near Koblenz in Switzerland, so they have plenty of space to swim along.

Mum and dad stay with their babies until they are ready for a life of their own. The partnership of swans is a long term association and if one dies the other mourns its passing and often remains alone for the remainder of its life.

RDP Sunday Fill-in: Partner

Daily Prompt: Who needs Partners?


“Mr. Swiss, what was the name of that guy in that film that we saw yesterday on the TV?

“Can’t remember, google it.”

That is what partnerships are made of today, when you cannot even rely on your partner for life to give you an answer, because his memory has also failed him. Just google it, switch on your computer and insert a few words that should lead you to an answer. Not only does google find the answer, but he can even read your thoughts according to what you mean. That is a partner. I always found it strange in the old cowboy movies when the Lone Ranger and Tonto never had an artgument, and they did not have a computer.

“Are we on the right trail?”

and Tonto would throw a feather in the wind and watched the direction it took, or he would wet a finger and hold it to the wind (he was an native Indian – a secret solution). He did not have a google, he only had a feather or a finger. So Tonto and the Lone Ranger would be stuck in the saddle for days, until they either died of thirst, got scalped by Indians or discovered the right trail Or perhaps Tonto forget which finger he used and it had now dried up. Yes things were not so easy without google to guide you. Some partnerships lasted until death.

“Holmes, do you have the solution as to who poisoned Sir Algernon.”

“My dear Watson, it is all a question of logic.”

And so Sherlock, the great master detective, sunk into more oblivion by smoking his meerschaum pipe filled with whatever he filled it with, and in a lucid moment, when he was not on a trip, he played the violin. Watson would wait until Holmes found the solution, but in the meanwhile Sir Algernon was buried, or perhaps cremated, leaving no further evidence. If only he had had  google to help, or even a computer. Life went on, and today we no longer waste time solving these problems, thanks to Google and computers, and iPads.

Who needs human partners, when you have a computer. Although I must admit life is boring with a Google. It does not argue, just gives answers, there is no longer the ananswered questions or the suspense of using a brain.  And you can be sure if google does not know the answer, the answer is not worth knowing.

Tomorrow we will be taking a journey to the other side of Switzerland by train. We have to change trains in Zürich and have only 8 minutes, Google told us, but this is a problem. Google does not know that I cannot walk from Platform 16 to Platform 44 which are on two levels, because I need help in walking with my stick. I cannot descend stairs as quickly as other people and here google cannot help. We called the station in Zürich, the help desk and we heard the person tapping on his keyboard until he gave us an answer. There is another connection, just 5 platforms further from where we arrive just 15 minutes later, a short walk (I know Zürich station) and we can catch an alternative EEC train (a fast train) to Shaffhausen. We would have a quarter of an hour and would not have to descend into the underground of the station with only 8 minutes to spare.

We thanked the man on the telephone, our problem was solved. Even the station people in Zürich would not have been able to get me to platform 44 with help. You see, the man at the station on the phone must have googled it. Your everpresent partner: Google – never forget. You do not have a computer? Then ask your neighbour, or Mr. Swiss, they will definitely have a google.

Computer time

Who needs Partners?