FOWC with Fandango: Parking

Feldbrunnen to Solothurn 17.02 (5)

You must know them, they are everywhere. Every town has its underground parking, perhaps even 2 or 3. Our town of Solothurn has one in the eastern part of the town, another in the West and a third in the South.

I was going to tell the same old story today about the difficulties of parking. I do have difficulties, especially if the car is too wide. Luckily our car is normal sized. If possible I try to find two empty parking spaces, even better three, together. That way the danger of a collision with another car is avoided. There is of course another problem and this happened today.

Mr. Swiss had a doctor appointment this afternoon. At the moment our car is in the garage for a small dent and scrape on the door, no problem. Our local garage gave us a substitute for the week. It is thank goodness an automatic, slightly bigger than ours, but it is OK. I just have problems getting in and out with my wonky left leg, but I can do it.

Mr. Swiss had parked in the central parking on the West. When  he  finished his appointment, he went to the parking house to pick up the car and could not find it. Golden Oldies tend to forget things, especially when they hurry and he could not remember where he put the car. The parking is three floors. He could eliminate the top floor as that never has any room, so he began his search on the second and third floor. After half an hour he gave up and reported to the guy in charge who kindly went with him to help. If it had been our own car perhaps this would not have happened. Another problem was that he did not know the number on the car. In the meanwhile he phoned the garage and they did not know either, and had to search for it, but eventually found it. So the guy in the parking went for a walk with Mr. Swiss and eventually they found the car. Of course it is embarrassing, but you get used to these things when you will be 80 years old next year. There was even a lady that asked Mr. Swiss if she could help.

And that is his story and he is sticking to it. The funny thing is that this happened today, this afternoon. He is now at home relaxing from the stress.

FOWC with Fandango: Parking