FOWC with Fandango: Outlook

Spring is here, the land is awakening but unfortunately also the insencts. Not that I have something against insects, they have a job to do, but some insects tend to overdo it a little, especially if they are called slugs and love the wet weather. They are clever. they wait for the rain to stop and then they arrive, a completel tribe. They manage to devour a complete plant in a couple of hours, if it is according to their taste.

However, I am leaning what they like and what they avoid. In the golden oldie home where Mr. Swiss is, They have fields of lavender, the nice strong kind that spreads. They is not on the menu plan for a slug. Today I was talking to one of the gardeners and asked if he would miss a few twigs of the lavender. He told me to help myself so the stalks in the glass on the photo are my gatherings. I was reading about growing lavender, and apparently he like to produce roots when kept in water meaning that I will have a few plants after a few weeks to keep in my garden. Lavender is really an easy plant to grow. Put it in the sun and give it a little water about once a week, not too much, and it becomes a happy plant. I hope so, so here are my beginnings.

FOWC with Fandango: Outlook