FOWC with Fandango: Opponent

Goat 10.07 (9)

I do not really think that these two goats at the local farm were fighting, I think they were only trying out their horns to see if it would work.

I now consider my opponents the stiff joints and aches and pains that arrive with the golde oldie years. I have my MS under control. I do not fight it, but adapt and up to now it has worked.

Otherwise opponents always existed in TV soaps or films. Remembering in the olden days when we only had black and white pictures, we had cowboy films. There was Hoppalong Cassidy, the Cisco Kid, The Lone Ranger (I think that was the guy with the mask). OK youngsters I am sure you have never heard of them, but your mums and dads grew up with them. They were the heroes of the day.  Of course they had their villains, those that were thieves, cheats and robbers. You could also tell who the most powerful ringleader was for a simple reason. The always wore “store clothes”. I remember the phrase once being used as the description of the bad guy. It was then I realised that store clothes meant a dark jacket and dark trousers and a necktie, also black. As a contrast they wore a white shirt. All the good guys had their jeans, chequered shirts and a scarf around their neck.

So beware, if you see someone in store clothes, they are the bad guys, the opponents. Come to think of it most politicians walk around like that. I wonder why.

FOWC with Fandango: Opponent