FOWC with Fandango: Online

I live online, armed with my I-phone, I-pad and I-tea. i have even trained myself to drink the tea whilst programming with the other hand. It is all a matter of concentration. I order my food online, order ny clothes on line. I wish I could do the housework on line, the washing, the ironing and making the beds. Then life would be perfect. If Bill Gates had been a woman, he would not have wasted so much time developing the Windows system, he would have discovered how to clean them online.

FOWC with Fandango: Online

RDP Friday: Online

Me at the computer

Contrary to what most people think, I am not online all day, I have a strict regime about my time on the computer.

Of course I am online with breakfast for half an hour, perhaps a little more, but then I need action afterwards. I can assure you that I do not touch the computer again until the afternoon. If it is a shopping afternoon, it will be early evening, otherwise mid afternoon. If I have been on a photo safari, I need more time and most of the evening would be occupied with uploading photos.  This photo, showing happy me at the computer, was about a year ago outside on the porch on my big Acer computer, so I was probably doing some photo work.

Otherwise I prefer my Apple Macbook or whatever it is called. That is really a fantastic machine. I don’t have to connect it as it has enough power for a few hours and I can take it with me wherever I go in the apartment or outside. I can even use it whilst watching the TV from an armchair, although I usually then use my iPad. The iPad is such a handy gadget for in between to check on what my online colleagues are doing.

But as I said, I am not a computer addict. Not really, I can be without it although I would never hug the bed without having my iPad and Smartphone on the bedside table. They are a wonderful remedy if you cannot sleep which is one of the reasons why you might find a notice from me on your computer, although it is my early morning hours of around 3.00 a.m. It is a wonderful cure if you cannot sleep, as after doing a tour de computer it is the best sleeping potion you can take.

As I said, I do not have to be online all day, just part of the day and part of the night.

Me and my computer

RDP Friday: Online