FOWC with Fandango: Occur


It just occurred to me that I left the hose outside in Winter in the cold and freezing temperatures. This might mean that if there is water still in the tube it would freeze, expand and might cause damage and that I would have to get a new hose. As the water is now switched off throughout the Winter I cannot try it out to see if it is still working.

And then it occurred to me what  boring life I lead, if the only important occurrence in my life is the condition of my garden hose, although I do have another hose on the other side of my apartment in the same condition which also might now be kaput

Otherwise there are no special occurrences at the moment. It is Sunday early evening and I hope that we have nothing more occurring today. Being a golden oldie I like a quiet life with no unexpected occurrences, but you never know. It just occurred to me that it is time for the evening meal. As it is Sunday evening it will be choisi de frigidaire, in other words, see what you find in the fridge.

Yes, life is one big occurrence.

FOWC with Fandango: Occur