RDP Thursday: Nothing


On 29th December 2005 Mr. Swiss and I went for a walk in the local cemetery. It was a snowy Winter and what did we see: nothing of course. I was the only living person (except for Mr. Swiss who took the photo) in the whole cemetery. Otherwise there was nothing.

By the way seeing me in this coat reminds me of my mornings at home. I wear it to go outside in the winter. It is quite useful for sheltering from the cold air, especially when you still have your nightdress on.

And otherwise I have nothing to say.

RDP Thursday: Nothing

Where is the Daily Prompt

Nera is thirsty

Not that I am sad. We have 35°C temperature it is hot, hot, hot and my chief feline Nera has decided to take a sleep next to the water hose in case she gets thirsty.

Mr. Swiss is away on a band practice, being drummer in a local modern jazz group and I am left on my own. I could write my prompt, but it has not yet arrived, if it does. So what does a housewife, retired golden oldie do? She retreats to the cool appartment where all shutters and windows are closed. She decides to clean the shower.  Will return some time later to see if something has arrived worth writing about. Have fun everyone on this promptless day.