Daily Prompt: Mushroom Man


Basil Shroom loved mushrooms and they were so easy to grow. He found his first mushroom in the cellar. It was a damp cellar and in one corner he saw it. It fascinated him with its brilliant white shining head in a forgotton dark corner. He noticed that it grew on its own. There would be a white spot in a damp corner and soon a head would poke through the earth and he loved the damp smell. He quickly noticed that one mushroom came seldom alone and there were soon mushrooms growing everywhere.

His mother would send him to the cellar when she had a visitor. He did not really mind. He liked the smell of the mushrooms and now and they became his friends. He began to read about mushrooms, what they like to thrive and grow and soon he had his own mushroom plantation in the cellar. His mother was surprised, as she no longer had to send him to the cellar, he would go on his own.

One day she realised that she had not seen Basil for a couple of days and so she visited the cellar to see what he was doing. She tried to open the door to the cellar, but it was stuck. She pushed with all her strength.

“Basil open the door” she called.

She heard a sort of squashing sound and Basil appeared. His mother screamed when she saw him and collapsed. Basil was not sorry, he had forgotten he had a mother. He was happy with his mushrooms and they liked Basil. They had even begun to speak to him. Perhaps it was because they had sent out their spores into his head and grown into his brain. Basil was no longer alone, the mushrooms fed him and looked after him.


Daily Prompt: Mushroom Man