Daily Prompt: The Unfinished Museum

Feldbrunnen-Langendorf 23.09 (13)

It is a big building, rather imposing. our museum in the town of Solothurn in Switzerland. When I arrived in Solothurn abot 48 years ago, I visited the museum. It had various exhibits. In the cellar there was a department dedicated to African art, otherwise the main part was paintings from various Swiss artists. Museums are useful places to visit on a rainy afternoon, or when you do not know what else to do. And so the years went past, I met Mr. Swiss, we married and made a few visits to the museum together, even with our offspring. Of course there were also some architectural finds from the area also exhibited. To be quite honest I no longer know what exactly, it was too long ago.

As the years passed by the powers of the town hall or whatever, decided that our town should have a Natural History museum in another building and so this building was left for the paintings, amongst them from Frank Buchser, one of the local talents from the 19th century and Ferdinand Hodler from the beginning of the 20th century, one of the most well known Swiss painters. Please excuse me, I am not an expert, but just happen to know a few details of what was actually in this museum.

The Roman and African stuff was moved out to the new Natural History museum and the original museum was renamed as The Art Museum of Solothurn showing only paintings, see links.

About two years ago the building men moved it. Apparently something was being done. The first step was to dig up the grass surface at the front of the museum which actuall acted as a small park and they began to dig. The digging continued for so long that complaints were uttered what was actually being done, and whether they had forgotten what they were doing. When Mr. Swiss and I drive to the local supermarket to the next village we pass the museum. This is why I have so many photos of the work progress. I take a photo at least once a month, but nothing seems to change. The digging machinery and the men in orange are still there.

Feldbrunnen Langendorf 26.09 (11)This was the last photo I took on Monday morning as we drove past. It seems they now need an orange man in front of the museum to direct the traffic. During the work on the front of the building, the building began to sink into the ground especially if it was raining, and so it all had to be supported with various iron scaffolding and the foundations had to be recinforced.

No harm occurred to the various paintings in the museum, the most harm was to the budget calculated for the renovations.  I noticed that where there used to be a lawn, it is now a concrete surface with a few cars parked there, so it seems that progress is being made. Who knows, perhaps we will have our town festival next year to celebrate the re-opening of our new art museum. The worst that could now happen would be if they discovered a roman temple during the excavations for the new museum. The town was originally founded by the Romans.They would then have to put the whole thing under monument protection, which would incur another few thousand Swiss Francs and time until the archeologists had completed their work.

In the meanwhile we can visit the other museum to see a few dinosaur models, from the local Jura mountains, or some stuffed birds and ammonites which are not so intersting as paintings. I never did find out what happened to the African exhibits. Perhaps they forgot them in the cellar and they are now walled in.

I am still wondering what this new and improved museum will have as new exhibits when they are finished. Perhaps they are buiding a MacDonalds restaurant in the new basement to cater for the school classes that visit the museum with their teachers.

Daily Prompt: The Unfinished Museum

Daily Prompt: From the Collection of the Artist

It’s the year 2113. A major museum is running an exhibition on life and culture as it was in 2013. You’re asked to write an introduction for the show’s brochure. What will it say?

Photographers, artists, poets: show us RETROSPCTIVE.


Bicycle Parking, Solothurn Station, Switzerland

These are bicycles, as you all know. Since cars are now almost extinct, due to the exhaustion of gas/petrol supplies, car parks have now been replaced by bicycle parks, usually to be found underground. Admittedly the beauty of a four wheeled vehicle, with all its advantages is missed.

Parking at Migros, Langendorf

Our exhibition shows a car. There was a time when we inserted a key, even pressed a button, and we were on our way. Map reading was not necessary; we knew where to go thanks to our screen with the built-in route planer. Enter the starting point and where you wanted to go, and just follow the arrows. Those days have now gone, only ten years ago. We now tread on the pedals and follow the street signs. The natural oil resources no longer exist, a result of the last middle east/far east crisis. Blame who you will, but now we have a much cleaner way of travel. It might take longer, but if you can ride a bike, it is cheaper and combined with less stress.

We even had something called a truck/lorry to carry heavy goods also now extinct. View one of the last examples in our museum.


There was a book in 2013, although it was the beginning of the end. Paper sources were running low, remember trees?: of course, but the few remaining forests had to be preserved, and so we now have the electronic book, known as Kindle; the days when the smell of print on paper and the feel of something heavy in your hand are gone. In the museum you can refresh your memory. We have books as exhibits being shown, with pages to turn. We even have a example on show where you are allowed to turn one page.

Come and see our kitchen show, where granny Jones will show you how to fry an egg. Granny Jones is one of the last remaining owners of chickens. Her farm has remained Avian flu free, thanks to the fact that her chickens were always given access to the farm land and never kept in a poultry house. There are even eggs on sale, for the price of $5 dollars each. All proceeds will be contributed to the save the chicken fund.

Chicken at HESO

Enjoy your return journey to 2013, but please remember. You will be searched when leaving the museum as some of our exhibits are unique.

Lock your bikes after parking. These too are now a desirable object in 2113 as tyre raw material is now a rarity. On this occasion we would ask you to see our genuine bike tyre exhibit, upon the entry to the museum.

Daily Prompt: From the Collection of the Artist