FOWC with Fandango: Moon

<Moon 05.01 (1)

Taking moon photos is not my speciality. It is more luck than judgement. When we have a harvest moon, a blue moon, or even a red moon, mine all look the same. Now this photo was one of the best I have. Although it is not a full moon, the bit you can see does have a few contours and shapes on the surface. It must have been a lucky shot because it is usually a blurry white ball, looking like an escaped ping pong ball.

Moon Eclipse 27.07 (31)

Although I was quite pleased with this one. It was when Mars decided to steal the show and they had some sort of meeting together with shadows, hence the reddish tinge. Otherwise I give up. I can look at the moon every evening if there is not a cloud in the way and it more or less hangs around in the same place.

New Moon

Now and again you even get this, although I am ever sure if it is a new moon or the remains of the moon. I should really pay more attention to this moon thing.

FOWC with Fandango: Moon

RDP #57: Moon

We have heatwave temperatures of 31° C and the sun is shining, but where is the moon? Oh yes, it is there, it is always there and tonight it has company.

Moon and Mars

Mars has decide to join the moon.

“It is all fake news”

“Stop complaining moon, you are hanging around every night expanding and shrinking. It is all an optical illusion. Even tonight you are not bigger than usual. I am Mars, and not just something circling around another planet, and twice as big as you are and I have two moons.  Tonight everyone will see the truth because I will be next to you.”

“Two moons? If you mean those two lumps of rock with the names Phoebus and Demos, then forget it. A human could walk across one of them in a day, well perhaps two days. No way Mars, it will just look like you are one of the big ones. You are spoiling my show. I would have been a blond moon and down on Earth they would be celebrating my appearance with photos in the newspaper and films on their TV. You know I get all the TV signals up here. Now I am just stuck in your shadow. I would have been a vampire’s delight.”

“All a myth. You are just an experimental object for humans to aim for with their rockets.  How degrading to have flags stuck into your surface and footprints from humans. I am untouched, no-one lands on my surface. Now and again I get a few machines and robots, but I remain spared from human footprints. Tonight we will be side by side. Make the most of it, the sun might not even be burning the next time I arrive.”

“How long to you plan to hang around?”

“No idea, and if I did I would not tell you. Huh, just a mere earth moon is nothing compare to planet Mars, they even named me after a the god of war.”

“Just one big show off.”

And so they departed on their own orbits afterwards, never to see each other again perhaps. I took the photo from my Nightview app on my iPad.

RDP #57: Moon

JNW’s Halloween Challenge: Moon

Moon 24.10 (3)

This is yesterday’s moon, just a wedge of cheese, nothing spectacular. Mr. Swiss called me, he was on the porch and it was getting dark.

“Come quickly with your camera, you can take a photo of the moon.”

I obeyed and grabbed my organised camera with the zoom lens. There was no point in taken the photo of a miniature bite of the cheese when you could get a mouthfull. Unfortunately I did not have my tripod ready, it was in the cellar and I do not bother with them – too much messing around although the photo quality is better I know. Nice sharp edges. I am more for point and shoot and this photo is the result. It got a bit shaky at the edges, but I am a golden oldie and 70 years is not longer a good age for being still and exact, you tend to shake now and again.

Of course a nice full moon with all the craters and whatever would be perfect, but you will have to do with this.

JNW’s Halloween Challenge: Moon

Daily Prompt: The problems with the moon

Today we have a moon prompt. I am sure that excitement is now spreading amongst our bloggers whose lateral incisors or cuspid teeth tend to double in size when we have a full moon, as is the case today. I asked Mr. Swiss when it is actually full moon, and he told me to look at the calendar. This means he did not know and as far as I know he is not a member of the vampire club. He is not sure about me, but I usually do not bite family members on full moon nights. I prefer to avoid the blood groups I know. If Mr. Swiss is seen in town the day after a full moon night with two small punctures on his neck, people might begin to talk. I might take a flight to the local blood bank if thirst overcomes me, but I am very discreet about it. I cover the lower half of my face with a scarf and avoid street lamps in the evening as they tend to reflect on my teeth.

Tonight is my big chance. Not because I can now take a flight to the local cemetery and meet the rest of the gang, but I can apply my new macro lens on my camera for a moon shot, for the family album. Up to now my moon photos resemble a tennis ball hanging in front of a blue curtain. There are no outlines of craters, moon mountains are not to be seen, everything is flat.

Sky over Feldbrunnen 15.06 (3)

I took this photo a few days ago as it was a cloudless night. The dark shadows on the moon are probably just stains on the lens and have nothing to do with the actual moon surface.

However tonight is my big chance and I am hoping that it will be a clear sky. We have just had a rain shower and it does not look so good. It is such a shame that this prompt is today and not tomorrow. Tomorrow I would be able to show my expert, professional images, taken this evening and they have predicted a cloudless day. It seems I should mount the camera on a tripod to avoid any vibrations when taking the photo. This is the first problem, as I will have to fetch the tripod from the cellar, which I have not used for some years. I always have the mounting attachment fixed to my camera in case I will need it. There are also certain manipulations to be made on the camera itself, something to do with ISO and F. All I know I have a wheel at the front and a wheel at the back of the camera which I can turn to achieve the contrasts that I need. Somehow I think I should take this camera stuff more seriously.

My best graveyard colleague. D. Vamp, finds who needs a camera. He feels it all in his body. A camera is just a cofirmation of the fact that there will be a get together at the graveyard for a group phot, although up to now there are only photos of the graves and by some strange reason, the vampire colleagues are not captured on the camera lens. I think it is called the reflection syndrome, as they also remain invisable when looking into a mirror.

The blood will be flowing (all collected from the local blood bank of course). Athough D. Vamp  did say something that tonight it is his turn to be on traffic duty. The witches will be on their brooms, the vampires will be flying and a little organisation must be applied. It would not be a good thing if there was a vampire collision causing a few plastic bags of blood to spill. Blood is a valuable liquid and these days hard to come by. Since they began to make all those vampire films in Hollywood, non-vampires are more careful about taking walks on full moon nights and they tend to be carrying garlic as a vampire deterrent.

Tomorrow I might be a little late on my prompt. I will probably have to take a longer sleep in my coffin during the day to compensate for the festivities tonight.

Daily Prompt: The Problems with the Moon

Wide-Eyed Environment.

So where shall I begin? Perhaps yesterday evening when Mr. Swiss called and said “take a look at the moon.”

“The moon? already a full moon, is there a vampire winging its way across the garden, or do we have an invasion of glow worms?”

I am prepared for everything in this wide-eyed environment, but now in his charming golden oldie age he is moonstruck. Why not, a few minutes gazing at the moon hand in hand makes a change from looking at the TV.

“And bring your camera” he added. All romantic visions disappeared, destroyed by a simple down to earth comment.

Hiding my disappointment I answered “but I don’t do moon pictures. I have to make special settings on the camera. One tiny shake with my hand and I have a blurred moon, looking like a mouldy orange.”

“No, it is not full moon” he answered so I was relieved: at least no vampires and so I removed my neck protection, not wanting to have puncture marks in my neck from the fangs. We live quite near the cemetery, and the local hospital with the blood bank is just along the road.

“Hurry up, look.”

I pounced on my super Nikon camera, hung it around my neck and arrived on the porch to do some moon focussing. Ok, it was a mini moon, one of those new moons, celebrating its rebirth. I took a photo, discovered that I had half of the neighbouring balcony as well as the moon and so took a few more. I discarded three because they were blurred, but decided one was a perfect replica of a newly born moon. In the meanwhile Mr. Swiss had disappeared as the news was now on the television.

I uploaded the photos onto my computer and the news on the TV was finished.

“Do you want to see the photos?” I called from my computer centre. Mr. Swiss arrived and cast his critical eyes on my results.

“Not bad, that is a good one, you can see the rest of the moon in the shadow.”

You see Mr. Swiss is an expert. He knows his moons. I remember when we had not arrived at the golden oldie age etc. etc……

Ah, I got carried away and I know you are all longing to see my fantastic astronomically valuable photos of the moon, so here is the best of the bunch.

New Moon

Disappointed? Any fool can take photo of a full moon, but a new moon is something completely different. Note the details of the surface and the sharp outline.

Topic Generator

Daily Prompt: The Full Moon

When the full moon happens, you turn into a person who’s the opposite of who you normally are. Describe this new you.

Photographers, artists, poets: show us NIGHTTIME. 

Nera the cat had a haircut

“Ready Mrs. Human?”

“For what Nera?”

“It’s full moon, the night when you take a ride on your broomstick and I come with you as your familiar.”

“Of course Nera, I almost forgot. I have been too busy sweeping dead mice together that you and your two feline colleagues leave outside the window after a night out in the fields. Have you oiled your broomstick?”

“All ready Mrs. Human, so let’s go.”

It has become quite a routine with Nera and I. Every full moon night I feel the urge to put on my pointed hat and join the bats for a nocturnal flight. With age I noticed even my nose becomes more crooked. I had to buy a new broom last week, as the old one was losing the bristles. I think I lost some having a fight with a bat on my last flight. It was one of those vampire bats, you find more and more these days. I think it has something to do with the new department at the local hospital, the blood bank. They gather around the windows every full moon hoping for a few breakages.

“Quite right Mrs. Human” said Nera my chief cat. “If you ask me it has to do with all that radioactivity in the air. It never used to be that way when people used coal and gas for their energy. Since those nuclear power plants exist, you get all sorts of strange things happening.”

“Ok Nera, where shall we go tonight? I thought we could pay a visit to Old Nick down at the graveyard. I heard there is a ghoul party going on: lots of spirits and fun with some dry bones.”

“OK, let’s go” and Nera and I gave a start kick on the broom and flew off.

“Mrs. Human, not so fast, I can hardly keep up with you. Since you bought that new broom with the automatic gear change you leave me behind. I only have an average
three gear execution and have to slow down every time I fly a corner.”

“Sorry Nera, I will buy you a new broom for your birthday and then we can wizz around together.”

“Mrs. Human, put your foot on the breaks, I can see the graveyard below.”

I breaked, but not soon enough and flew into the marble statue of an angel.”

“Hey, be careful, you nearly broke off the tip of my wing” said an annoyed angel. “All the same with you witches, the faster you travel the more damage you cause.”

“Mrs. Human, I think I will stay with my normal broom, those automatic broomsticks seem to have their problems.”

And I landed eventually with a bump at the graveyard. I could see candle light illuminating a few graves and there was singing to the rhythm of the bones.”

“Hello Old Nick, quite a party you have here.”

“We are having fun: nothing like a full moon night to wake things up. Some of the departed can’t wait for a nice full round moon illuminating the night sky. Even a corpse can get bored from time to time. We have a few new residents and they are still getting used to things. When they see what a nice friendly bunch we are, they soon get acclimatised. Where’s Nera?”

“I am here Old Nick. I cannot let Mrs. Human travel on her own, you never know what could happen, especially with that new broom.”

“Yes, I noticed she almost decapitated one of the angels. We cannot have that in a well organised graveyard: all those new-fangled developments with the brooms. Things are just not like they used to be. I have even seen some witches wearing pink hats and they have small straight noses. Where will it end?”

Actually I was thinking about a pink hat myself and having my nose straightened, but I suppose I will leave that idea on the side for now.

“Did you say something Mrs. Human?” asked Nick.

“No, no, just thinking out loud. Nera I think we must be going. I cannot drink too much of those spirits, I might fall off the broom and a witch swaying from side to side on the full moon highway is not exactly ideal.”

“Yes, Mrs. Human I am with you, although those bones were quite tasty. Where did you get them Nick?”

“To be quite honest, I think a dog buried them in the field next to the graveyard, but we will keep that to ourselves. It might reduce the reputation of the graveyard. “

So I saddled my broom, Nera jumped onto her broom and we waved goodbye to Old Nick and some other colleagues and flew home, arriving nice and safe in the early morning hours. After putting our cloaks and hats away in the cupboard under the stairs, we crawled into our beds and slept soundly with the noise of the festivities in the graveyard still ringing in our ears.

Daily Prompt: The Full Moon

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Weekly Writing Challenge: Love in the 21st Century

For this challenge, we want you to write about 21st-century love.

I don’t usually do love stories, not my thing, but I had an idea for this one. I do not write about my own personal life in that connection. I just do not find it belongs in Internet for everyone to read. So here is my effort for this week.

Full moon in Feldbrunnen

E-mail group for night owls – online e-mail exchange

Moonman: Hello moongirl.  Your thoughts and ideas are wonderful. I am sure we are soul mates.

Moongirl: I was thinking on the same lines. It seems we are both night people. I work on the night shift at the hospital and you work at the zoo looking after the nocturnal creatures.

Moonman: Yes, for us the night turns into day. There are some things in life that have to be done during the night hours. The animals that sleep in the day have their longings in the night hours.

Moongirl: Do you have longings in the night hours?

Moonman: Oh yes, and you?

Moongirl: Now it is getting personal, but I now know you long enough to confess. My night feelings are very intensive.

Moonman: How intensive?

Moongirl: They vary. At full moon my feelings are completely out of control.

Moonman: How much out of control?

Moongirl: You have to see it and feel it, and on an online chat talk, you do not get the deep feeling.

Moonman: I long to meet you personally, but I am not sure that a full moon night would be the best time for me although I never work at the zoo by full moon, it would be too complicated.

Moongirl: Don’t disappoint me. Be honest, tell me why.

Moonman: I get feelings, sort of a little out of control at full moon. I change a little.

Moongirl: So do I, I leave a deep impression on the people I meet at full moon.

Moonman: I am sure you leave a wonderful impression. Do you mean sensual, with feelings that leave their mark.

Moongirl: Oh yes, definitely, but tell me about the little changes you have?

Moonman: I don’t know. It is difficult. I can hear much better. I hear a mouse walk over a grass stalk, I see better. I see the bats as they fly through the tree branches. They even speak to me.

Moongirl: Tell me, you are really getting my feelings up. I am also not able to work at full moon. I get longings, special longings. Does your body change, develop things out of control.

Moonman: Oh baby, you are really on my track. Yes I admit it, but not all appreciate the changes.

Moongirl: Tell me about them.

Moonman: Err well, yes, my ears get a little more pointed. My teeth also and I get just a little bit hairy to be honest.

Moongirl: You sound like a werewolf.

Moonman: And now you don’t want to know me anymore. So let’s just forget it.  I just ….

Moongirl: Stop. Nobody’s  perfect. Let me tell you the department I work in at the hospital, then you might understand why I also do the night shift. I work in the blood bank.

Moonman: Tell me more.

Moongirl: I never work on a full moon night, it gets complicated for me as well. I need that night for myself to get out and about meet people and get to know them closer.

Moonman: I think I know what you mean. Tell me do your teeth grow a little longer on those full moon nights. You do not have to answer that one if it is embarrassing.

Moongirl: you see we are soul mates. I think you know what I am.

Moonman: Sounds like a female vampire to me, but just joking of course.

Moongirl: I don’t joke about things like that. It goes too deep. Moonman I must meet you, my feelings for you are so intense after this exchange. Yes I admit it, I am a vampire.

Moonman: Ok, we meet on the next full moon night at the local park. We will have a ball I am sure. Just follow the howling and I will be there.

Moongirl: No problem moonman, I will fly to you. I love you Moonman with all my blood, teeth and vampire allure.

Moonman: I am longing to smell your breath and give you a complete lickover. I can be myself with you Moongirl, I am sure. I have at last found the love of my life. My lonely days are now over.

Moongirl: Just wait for me in the park. Oh the fun we will have together.

Weekly Challenge: Love in the 21st Century

The Return

I suppose it was my fault, but no-one said to shut the capsule door when it came down into the sea. Actually it was a very neat landing. The sea was calm and I just felt a gentle splash. Looking out the window of the capsule, I decided I was home again. No empty void with a nice colourful world globe in the distance, but skies, water and land. Land? No land, I was in the middle of an ocean.

Following space control instructions I opened the door, threw out the self inflatable dingy and jumped into it. My first mistake, I missed and was up to my neck in water. Eventually I managed to grab the dingy and hoist myself in. As a welcome a passing seagull used my head as a toilet. I then remembered that I left the log book in the capsule, so decided it would be wise to get it.

Where was the capsule? I heard a soft glug, glug, glug and saw our countries emblem just below the surface of the water. It had sunk. I had travelled billions of miles to sit on the moon and watch the earth. Had conquered moon craters and plodded around in a most uncomfortable weighted suit to stop me floating upwards, although I never really got the meaning of that sentence, “That’s one small step for man, one giant leap for mankind”. They were all giant leaps as far as I was concerned and I was glad to get back on earth.

So where are the rescue teams? Admittedly the first flight was a long while ago, but you would think they would have known the routine by now; all those news films of the successful crew rescues with helicopters, ships and divers. Even the president made an appearance. They did say the country could no longer afford it and were saving funds, one of the reasons why I was sent on my own. Even the capsule was not new, a second hand one, but it served the purpose they said. Now you have the result of serving the purpose, the capsule has sunk. They said they would find me with no problem; the capsule has a radio sender. I wonder if they can find it when it is laying somewhere on the sea bed. It might even be eaten by a fish, or a whale.

Wait, I can see a ship approaching. It is enormous.

“Help, help I am here. S.O.S.”

It is coming nearer, no, it is coming too near. I don’t think it has seen me. Where are the paddles? And now to paddle for my life, it’s one of those Japanese giant tankers and it is heading for me.

“Hello, I am the astronaut that has just come back from the moon – can you hear me.” Time to go!

That was a close one. Where are the helicopters?

After two days on the open sea I decided to close my eyes and sleep. I was ready to go to the happy astronaut hunting grounds. I had given up any idea of being rescued. It was then that I heard voices.

“Senor, senor, wake up. Did you drink too much that you are sleeping on this boat.”

“I’m alive and rescued” was my first thought. I sat up in my dingy and was confronted with a small fishing boat and two Mexican fishermen.
“Where am I”

“Senor we found you drifting in the sea. Did you have an accident, what happened?

“I am an astronaut and have just returned from the moon.”

“Si senor and was it made of green cheese” and these two Mexican hyenas began to laugh.

They pulled me into their boat and took me home. No quite home, first of all I was a few days in a psychiatric clinic until they believed me. It seemed that the government had lost an astronaut and my photo was put in the newspaper, on the last page, but it was there.

I decided to retire from being a professional astronaut and now write science fiction stories. They sell quite well.