Daily Prompt: Mighty, The Path of the Planets


After my midday golden oldie sleep, I awoke to a bright sun. Luckily I had my stripey curtains closed and was on the east side of the appartment, otherwise it would have been quite an impact. Mr. Swiss mentioned there was a strong shining sun and I had to take the opportunity for a few photos. As I was taking the photos with my mobile phone camera, there was no danger of looking direct into the sun, I was now on the west side of the appartment. I actually did not know what I was taking a shot of, the sun was so bright, but I pressed the button in hope. This morning it was quite misty, but when it clears up during the day it usually can get quite sunny.

Weissenstein 23.08 (42)

This reminded me of a visit we made some time ago to our local house mountain, the Weissenstein with its 1,400 metres above sea level: not exactly one of the big Swiss ones, but high enough. There is a road leading to the top, which you can walk or go by car, but also a lift for the lazy ones like us. In the distance on the photo you can see the lift station on the left arriving at the top of the mountain. This is the other side, looking towards various meadows and the further six chains of the Jura mountains. The yellow sphere in the middle represents the sun and there are all sorts of strange signs engraved on the support pole.

It is the beginnning of the planet path all the planets of the solar system from Mercury to Pluto (although it is still debateable that it is a planet) are spaced out along a long path with their models on the way, in scale. Of course we remained on the sunny side as walking is not exactly my speciality and the complete walk would take many hours to complete. They have nice comfortable benches for the hikers to take a rest. Just opposite, not in the picture, is the mountain restaurant, which was more my sort of thing.

In our younger days Mr. Swiss and I would have prepared a rucksack with various Swiss picnic delights (a cervelat –  Swiss sausage –  and fresh rolls) and made our way with the others on the planet path, dragging two reluctant sons with us, although they also enjoyed it basically, they just did not want to admit it.

And now we sit in the lowlands and enjoy the mighty sun from a comfortable distance. It is a very clear sky and temperatures are cold, but bearable.

Weissenstein 23.08 (65)

This is a view looking towards the farm land on the other side of the Weissenstein.

Daily Prompt: Mighty, The Path of the Planets