Colour Your World: Midnight Blue

Blue Orchid

I had to have it. It cost more than the “normal” orchids but I had never seen a blue orchid before, and so I bought one. Usually orchids live for a couple of months, but this one only survived a month. I kept it afterwards, but it eventually decided to give up. So much for blue orchids, you cannot trust them.

Colour Your World: Midnight Blue

Colour Your world: Midnight blue

The Wedding

Last year my son got married in the Mosel area of Germany. It was quite a big wedding with all the trimmings and I made the journey from Switzerland to attend. He organised a car to take them to the church, an old Fiat and here it is, complete with chauffeur.

Underground sign

A  sign on the London Underground/Subway. They are identical on every station, naturally changing the name of the station. This happened to be in Aldgate, just bordering the City of London.

Colour Your World: Midnight blue