FOWC with Fandango: Masterpiece


I once wrote a book, actually not exactly. I had been writing blogs for some time. I was then about 15 years younger and I was at home convalescing from some sort of problem. I was bored as I usually am when I do nothing. To occupy myself I decided to write a book, have something in print. I did it in self-publishing as I was sure that no company in their right mind would publish it. A masterpiece it was not, just a collection of some short stories I had written. It was even available in Amazon for a while, but I just had a check and it is no longer there.

My Book
I had it published by a German book editing company and over the years I believe I had even sold 2 copies. I was not in it for fame or fortune, but just to have something in print. I still have a couple of copies at home.

This was a so-called one off for me. Having a book published, I discovered, is not so easy. I read each story many times to make sure there were no mistakes, but I am sure there were some that slipped through.

I did not get a Nobel of Pulitzer prize. Our local book shop in town took a couple of copies and I even had them sold, but by a couple of friends I knew.


FOWC with Fandango: Masterpiece