RDP Saturday: Market Finds

Our next town from our village is just along the road and is a so-called market town. On the second Monday of the month the stalls are ready to welcome the people from the surroundings. It is a meeting place for people from the surrounding villages and the stall holders come regularly. That is our monthly market. We also have a grocery market and that is on Saturday morning when some of the local farmers sell their produce. I remember my Swiss mother-in-law always dressing in her best for her weekly visit to the market. It was a case of seeing and be seen.

I happen to know this family. The mother has a small farm and is regularly every Saturday morning at the market with her family to sell the produce.

The monthly market is a little different. They sell everything from clothing to toys for the children.

You can even equip your bathroom with various articles in all colours.

RDP Saturday: Market Finds