RDP Tuesday: Lost


I am really loving my new car, although no longer so new as I have now had it since six months almost. This car thinks for me. So today I approached our village and the local railway barriers began to peep and descend. No problem, you have enough warning and there I was sitting at the front with a nice opportunity to take a few photos with my mobile phone camera whilst waiting.


And then the train began to approach. My wonderful new car, which seems to be possessed with a brain and thought process, realised that the train was approaching. Somehow it must have received a secret signal from a mysterious unknown ghost. When my car waits, I, of course have my foot on the break, but the motor cuts out. Somewhere it is still there in the shadows waiting to start, but you hear nothing. The train was drawing nearer and suddenly my motor sprang to life. It began to pulsate, to vibrate and told me I am ready to go. Of course I did not go, but was waiting for the barriers to lift and give me free journey. This car really thinks for me. It communicates, it tells me to get ready.

It had already surprised on my way home. It was steady traffic and I was driving within the speed limit with a nice safe distance to the car in front of me. We were all cruising along and the driver in front was probably falling asleep at the wheel. He did not have a robot driven car like I have and so he made a sudden breaking movement as he realised the traffic in front of him was slowing down. What did my little Skoda do? It noticed this idiot in front and peeped quite loudly. I automatically put my foot down on the brakes when it gets excited. Well done Skoda. I did a breaking  movement, still had plenty of space, but Skoda was telling me stay away from the idiot in front. My car has a second name, “clever” and it is very clever. Oh to be back behind the steering wheel again.

You never feel lost with a such a clever car.

RDP Tuesday: Lost

RDP Saturday: Lost

I never get lost, but there are other things that do.

iPhone X

For example Mr. Swiss and I both have a mobile phone. They are our lifelines to the outside world, they accompany us wherever we go, at least they should, but nobody’s perfect.

“Have you seen my phone.”

“No idea.”

“Can you call me?”

And so I call Mr. Swiss and somewhere in a dark corner we both hear a phone ringing and we follow the sound until we find it. I am also not innocent. Mr. Swiss calls my number and eventually it is somewhere in the pocket of a jacket, in my walker, or perhaps next to the bed.

There is of course another problem which can happen. I call Mr. Swiss, or he calls me, and we hear nothing. This is either because Mr. Swiss forgot to charge his phone and it is dead, perhaps he muted it, or mine is still on flight mode because I switch it off through the night to guarantee a good sleep and forget to switch it back on again. Mr. Swiss only gets  the voice on my phone telling him I am not available. It also might be that I have switched the telephone to mute because WordPress are continuously reminding me that I have a like or comment. That does not bother me at all, it’s alive and someone is communicating. It bothers Mr. Swiss as he might be reading a book and watching a TV programme and all I see is a flashing light from the screen if it needs me.

And so two golden oldies are constantly searching for their mobile phones.

RDP Saturday: Lost

Daily Prompt: Imaginary Friend – I have many, but they do not talk to me

Many of us had imaginary friends as young children. If your imaginary friend grew up alongside you, what would his/her/its life be like today? (Didn’t have one? write about a non-imaginary friend you haven’t seen since childhood.)

Imaginery friends

Meet my imaginary friends, but they are silent, never talk, just stare and wait for something to happen. I suppose we have something in common. Today I was waiting for something to happen, like inspiration to write a prompt I had written more than a year ago.

I had one of my famous falls in the morning where I thought I had broken my toe, but did not, it was just painful. I also managed to drop my Acer computer on the floor which I was carrying at the time. The computer survived and so did I.There was no imaginary friend to warn me or pick up my computer or even me. I need a guardian angel to tell me that these things could happen. I had a Mr. Swiss to pick me up but things do not get easier as you both grown older and heavier.

I wish I had an imaginary friend that would write my prompts with energy and new ideas, then I would not have to think up something new daily. Today after my golden oldie sleep, Mr. Swiss said I have to go to Subingen to get new knives for Mowey (another imaginary friend – our lawnmower) and we could visit the Inkwilersee on the way home (a lake nearby). I had already sort of half decided to tell the daily prompt to get stuffed today, I just did not feel like writing, especially after seeing what the prompt was. I waved goodbye to my imaginary friends, they did not wave back, but I did not expect them to. Mr. Swiss and I departed in our car.

We decided to take the scenic route, which was not really scenic but instead of the fast straight road, we drove through many small villages. Starting in Feldbrunnen, we crossed Riedholz and approached Derendingen through Luterbach. On the way to Luterbach we crossed the River Aar. There was a traffic light because some sort of construction work was being carried out. Unfortunately the sun was shining on the light and we were three cars waiting for the light to change. After 10 minutes the gentleman in the car in front of us examined the light, discovered it was not connected, shook his head in desperation and drove off, telling the car in front of him that the light was not necessary. We were glad because we were becoming rather impatient. Luterbach became quite famous as it was the home town of one of the late Swiss ministers, Willi Ritschard – just saying. Actually we wanted to go to Subingen, but knew that after Derendingen we would have to drive through Deitingen, commonly known as Kofmehl/Kofmel land, because 99,5% of the villagers bear the surname of Kofmehl/Kofmel according to which Kofmehl/Kofmel you were descended from. It was after Deitingen that we discovered we had passed the road to Subingen without noticing that it was there and were already on our way to Wangen, which we did not want to visit.

Wangen was too far away and its only real mark of fame is the army recruit school for grenadiers and that sort of thing. Mr. Swiss just tells me that it is not longer there. Anyhow, we did not reach Wangen as we turned back to Deitingen, still not seeing the road to Subingen, and stopped opposite a large farm house, which was the only photo I took on my odyssey.


It was in Deitingen revisited that Mr. Swiss asked in a shop with the name of KomeHl of course, where the road to Subingen was. We were told to drive further down the road and it would appear. It did appear, but we noticed that Subingen was not written very clear but Kriegstetten was and we knew that Kriegstetten would have come after Subingen. We also noticed that there was a road clearly marked to Inkwil from Subingen, as we actually wanted to visit the Inkwilersee after we had bought the knives for Mowey in Subingen.

So now we were in Subingen and again were lost, not knowing Subingen. Mr. Swiss knew that the shop we wanted to visit was Gewerbestrasse 4, but we did not know where Gewerbestrasse was. We knew it was near the Landi which was a large agricultural supplier and we than saw the Landi, a very large complex at the beginning of the Industrial quarter of Subingen. Are you with me? Doesn’t matter. We found the shop with the knives and then proceeded to Inkwil, driving in the wrong direction, but we turned and carried on regardless. The Inkwilersee was on the outskirts of Inkwil but we had to drive through a forest, one of those forests that never seem to end. Eventually we left the forest and then missed the road to the Inkwilersee, It was then approaching 4.30 in the afternoon so we decided to return to Feldbrunnen and home.

Oh how I hate these daily prompts. If I am not here tomorrow it is because I might have gone somewhere and got lost on the way.

Daily Prompt: Imaginary Friend – I have many, but they do not talk to me