RDP Thursday: Limp

Left leg shorter

You do not really see it.  Apparently I always belonged to that group of people that had a side ways sway when I would walk, but no-one said anything. It was just accepted it was the way I was. When the sordid truth was discovered and my accident happened, there was no holds barred.

It was also discovered that I had MS which did not help.

“I always thought you walked strangely” “you seemed to have a bit of a limp” were a couple of the remarks that I began to hear. Breaking a leg does not help, and when you begin to carry two pins and a rod of steel with your bones, it tends to make a difference.


I discovered that my legs were no longer the same length, one being shorter than the other. Driving a car means only with an automatic, as the advantage is that you do not have to use your left foot for any manoeuvres. If I mount the car I have to lift my left foot manually because it refuses to do it all by itself.

On the other hand, you are now an interesting person. You carry your limp with pride. You get the free seat on the bus or train, people ask if they can help at the supermarket. Although I am still waiting for the invitation from Monty Python to act in his TV programme.

RDP Thursday: Limp