RDP Saturday: Joy

Why do a few seeds give me joy? As a golden oldie I have all I need, and there is not a lot of time left to really need more. However, today I got a wonderful unexpected Christmas card from my American cousin, although I have no connections to the States basically. I found her on a social site, because she has the exact same maiden name as I do. It was pure coincidence. I suppose we all do it. Just for the fun of it you search your name in Internet and I found mine some years ago. However, one day I got curious to see if she was in a certain social site (which will not be named) and she was. One thing lead to another, we wrote, connected and have become online colleagues since.

She even knitted me my kitty cat hat which was quite a thing some time ago at a march in the states.

And now I received a card including some milkweed seeds. Why milkweed you might ask. We had an online discussion some time ago. It seems they are common in America and attract the monarch butterfly. I mentioned I have never seen them in Switzerland and now I am perhaps one of the few in Switzerland that have their seeds. Little things please little minds and I will definitely plant them when Spring arrives and hope for a nice harvest and a few butterfly visits.

RDP Saturday: Joy

RDP Saturday: Joy


Joy  – no not me. Of course I get excited and happy for something. My amaryllis already presented three flowers, and as is its habit it produced a secons stalk two days ago with the promise of more flowers. The first stalk only had three flowers, although there is no rule about it. Usually an amaryllis has four buds on a stalk, but as this seems to be something special it only produced three on the first result. Poor thing was probably exhausted after the first results.

The second stalk appeared with a mega bud stalk and it was now clear this morning there will be four flowers, although currently it was making no effort to show anything. However, this afternoon I went for a wheelie into town to visit the Christmas market and when I returned one bud was in the process of opening. So I suppose an excuse to be joyful. Ok, that will have to do for now, no good overdoing it. Perhaps I will have more a joyful feeling when the Christmas food shopping is done and I can relax for the Christmas holidays.

RDP Saturday: Joy

The Daily Prompt: Pride and Joy in Person

What’s your most prized possession? GO!

Fluffy and Mr. Swiss

Most prized posssesion? As usual I asked Mr. Swiss as I did not know which possession to tell you about, and as usual he came with his carefully thought out solution – where would I be without his wisdom and uncanny knowledge? Now you know the secret behind my blogging success, without this support I would be lost.

Mr. Swiss was having a discussion with Fluffy, my Selkirk Rex and they were sharing a joke in the photo (he can even speak meow). So now for the answer: Is it Fluffy or Mr. Swiss? Mr. Swiss found that the solution was Mr. Swiss. Fluffy only functions by instinct and tuna fish meals. Mr. Swiss said he was free, cost nothing (at the beginning) and where would I be without his support and knowledge of the Swiss way of life. This is true.

I still do not have a clue about how to fill out a Swiss Tax Form and the television with its mysteries of DVD manipulation is still a problem, but he knows all the answers. He also supports me with his thorough knowledge of the Swiss German dialect, although I must admit without my cockney English instructions he would have been lost on our visits to London. He was only taught the Cambridge English at school.

Of course, the whole theme of this blog is more to find out the valuables I have stacked in my humble Swiss household, but I realised that on the way through life I lost a few, could not remember where I put them, and objects do not have the same value as a person. Without Mr. Swiss I would be in dire straits. He drives the car when we go to strange places where I have never been. I am not so good at driving on motorways or through strange unknown Swiss villages with unpronounceable names. He also influences my choice of the daily meal plan and if I do not know what to cook, he always has a solution (although perhaps not always to my taste).

This works in the other direction. I taught him how to iron shirts perfectly and the bed linen. He constructs a perfect salad dressing. Here I must be honest. In the early days of our “getting to know you” situation Mr. Swiss realised that his chosen mate was only accompanying the meals with vegetables, not that he did not like vegetables, but now and again his Swiss heart was missing a healthy salad with the accompanying French or Italian dressing. Unfortunately his chosen mate was English and English salads were at that time (we are talking about 46 years ago) covered with a splodge of 57 variety Heinz mayonnaise. I realised that this was no rival to a real genuine continental salad sauce, so I avoided the Angloswiss confrontation and constructed no salads. Probably we were suffering from vitamin difficiency so one day the crucial question was uttered “Why do you never make a salad?” I had to confess I did not know how it worked, but no problem. Mr. Swiss produced the necessary ingredients and demonstrated. Success, and since this day I have spoilt him with my salad dressings in many varieties. Now and again we have a slight disagreement whether to use fruit vinegar or white wine vinegar, but this obstacle has also been overcome. I make it and he has to eat it.

His political knowhow is boundless. There is no Swiss government problem that he cannot solve, better than the government can. For this reason I allow him to complete my voting papers when they arrive, although I usually ask him what it is about before he fills out the form, just to be sure that his decision meets with mine. It generally does, but there are always exceptions to the rule.

Yes, we are one heart and soul in our marital life. Today I am a little late with my daily blog. It is Tai Chi day and I was with my golden oldie colleagues this afternoon for an hour spiritual and physical preparation. Whilst I was away, Mr. Swiss took a walk on the local country paths, he does not do Tai Chi, he is more the action man. At the moment I am sitting on my own writing my daily prompt (in praise of Mr. Swiss, my most prized possession) and in consideration of my need for ethereal contemplation he has disappeared for a practice on his drums in the cellar , action pure – yes I can thank Mr. Swiss for my boundless knowledge of the modern bebop mainstream jazz etc. etc.

I am running out of words of praise, so will complete this laudation to my most prized possession and hope that tomorrow’s daily prompt has something more realistic and down to earth like “Do You Prefer Bruce Willis or Tom Cruise?”

Daily Prompt: Pride and Joy in Person


Daily Prompt: Happy happy joy joy

We cry for lots of reasons: sadness, pain, fear . . . and happiness. When was the last time you shed tears of joy?

Jasmine Hochzeit

I am not the crying type, not my thing really. Of course if I read something it could sometimes give me wet eyes, especially if it is about an animal (usually cat or dog) and there are also films which can move me, but I am not the romantic type. Tears of pain and sadness come naturally to anyone I would think.

I can be happy and share the joy on certain occasions, as the photo at my daughter’s wedding reception a few weeks ago. We had a wonderful time, plenty to drink, plenty of good food and good company as well as good music. We had a wonderful time. In the photo we have Mr. Swiss (my other half) on the left, daughter in the middle and me on the right. If we cried it was more tears of laughter, which can also qualify as joy.

And to prove the joy, we now have photos of us together – good memories of a special occasion.

Jasmine Hochzeit

Daily Prompt: Happy happy joy joy