RDP Monday: Jet

My Plane to Switzerland from London Citiy

I used to jet around once a year
Zürich to London and had no fear
I would pass over villages look down on a town
I knew where I was, I recognised the ground
We flew over the Jura, I saw my home
In front of the Weissenstein, our mountain known
But soon we were further crossing over France
A very long stretch, turbulence made the plane dance


We had entertainment on board demonstrating a seat belt
And what to do if the plane decided to pelt
Suddenly a voice said we are now in descent
I saw the River Thames and I was then content
I had arrived at my destination, London again
Now more Swiss sun, just English rain
I did this journey for 20 years, but was not sad
Because when I arrived in London I saw again my dad

View of plane

RDP Monday: Jet