Daily Prompt: Time is the New Jackass

Click over to your favorite blog, and pick out the 4th and 14th words (that aren’t “the” or “an”). Drop them into this phrase:

“Time is the new Jackass.”

There’s your post title. Now write!

Photographers, artists, poets: show us BLANK.

Alpaca, HESO, Solothurn

Sorry, have no photos of a Jackass so my photo of a Llama will have to do. They also have four legs, and are known to be stubborn, even spit now and again.

I did not choose this, it was chosen for me, I do not even have a favourite blog. Being a female my favourites change very regularly, according to my mood – a woman’s prerogative. I read blogs every day, sometimes they are better and sometimes they are not so better. I have a weakness for strange writings, and so words might occur that do not form part of my normal daily vocabulary.

So what is a jackass? They do not exist in Switzerland. We have only gnomes that live on the Bahnhofstrasse in the bank vaults, multiplying their profits and hiding them from the tax man: on the other hand combined with the word “time” it could take another turn of meaning.  It seems that a “jackass” is a male donkey. I always had a weakness for animals, and donkeys always seem to be a subject for ridicule, to be laughed at. Could there be a hidden aspect of this title, that as time passes I become a little more stupid, more stubborn, more donkey-similar. Actually I am quite proud of my unique lobeless ears, so perhaps the only thing I have in common with a jackass is the odd “hee haw” now and again and not the ears, woman talk.

If this is the hidden message, than I admit it. I enjoy my state of stupidity, of not understanding everything that is happening in this crazy donkey-like world I live in. Time passes and so do our donkey attitudes. I see a country that comes to a stop, nothing happens because the government parties have agreed to disagree. I do not even know what it is all about, I just know that one of their national monuments was closed because money was blocked to pay the workers, the lady that sells you the tickets. The male donkey appears instead of the ticket lady.

We also have the male species of this animal sitting in my little Swiss village. Our post office was closed. It was not earning its way, the Swiss post had been attacked by a herd of jackass, all approaching and chewing every letter, licking every stamp they could find. Do not worry, we are not completely isolated. The post has moved to the next village and we can now climb into our cars (more traffic on the road), or take the local train for the three minute journey to the next village. Of course we could saddle our jackass and ride to the nearest town, but unfortunately there are no stables or poles outside the bars to tie up the jackass and after all Switzerland is not the wild west of Europe (although it sometimes has a similarity). If you ever attend a football match in a Swiss stadium, you know what I mean.

Time will heal all problems, we hope, even the problem of life (now that is black thought). The Swiss invented time, well it seems they invented the watch. Even they have become cheaper. I am now the proud possessor of the newest Swatch watch, the rescuer of the Swiss Watch industry.

You know what, this is one jackass of a blog I am wasting time on here. I think I will now use my valuable time to clean the windows, or as we now say “Time is the new Jackass”.  I wonder if this title will make my gift of blogging famous. 50 shades of jackass, or perhaps 50 times with a jackass. Forget it, and now to the windows.

Daily Prompt: Time is the New Jackass

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