FOWC with Fandango: Intimate

Roosters also have their intimate moments, but they do not come easy. First of all they have to find a willing chicken. Here we see the first contact where the rooster says “What about it chick”.

Chick might not be so willing, and the rooster does not wait for an answer, but with a little friendly persuasion comprising of a rooster foot to ensure there will be no escape, the chick is soon persuaded to stay where she is.

Chick no longer has a choice and is pinned down – how romantic.

And here we have it, an intimate moment in the life of a rooster.

FOWC with Fandango: Intimate

RDP Thursday: Intimate

class-of-56-57-11-years-old Teesdale

The first school was a mix. A class of boys and girls from the age of 5-6 for 2 years. It was my first contact with boys as such, but at that age they just looked a bit different to girls. I do remember the playground break. We would play kiss chase now and again. The girls ran and the boys chased and if they caught you there would be a wet sloppy mark on your face afterwards, nothing too serious, but this was more than sixty years ago. Funny thing is I can remember some names and now and again one or two might appear in Facebook, now elderly gentlemen of course. That was the beginning and end of anything approaching intimacy.

The next school was girls only – see photo. I am in the middle row, eighth from the right and we were all wearing our dresses with socks and shoes. Blue jeans were still a cowboy dress and in the fifties had not yet reached Great Britain. We were not even allowed to wear trousers at school and actually we girls never even thought of it.

At my next school I started at 11 years of age and finished when I was almost 17 years old  and boys? It was more like a nuns convent, still no boys to be seen. We were all dressed in uniform, the only time it showed body details was if you shortened the skirt according to the fashion of the day. Although even then the overall impact was spoilt by flat brown shoes, so nothing to encourage the other sort.  The male part of the school was in another building in another part of London because there was no room in our building to have boys and girls together. The highlight in our school was the German guy that taught German conversation. He was the only member of the male species we ever saw, on a sort of exchange and he was a good looker. I often wondered how it was for him surrounded by so many female teachers with 500 girls. I never got to be in his class, I was not programmed for university and was in the commercial course. Men did not learn typing or stenography.

I remember in the last class we had a social event together with the boys school, but even then I never really got to know any of them. 16 year old girls and boys do not really have the same outlook on life.

Yes, I lived a sheltered childhood, so all the more reason to make up for lost time when I left school and that is all you are getting from my intimate side of life. Valentines Day – no, not for me and today as a golden oldie I only know of its existence due to social media who seem to be wishing everyone a happy one.

RDP Thursday: Intimate