RDP Thursday: How green is blue


A good question: Mr. Swiss bought this creation from a painter many years ago. Not really my taste, but it has been hanging on the wall of the bedroom for at least 40 years and I never really thought about the actual colours until today, Is it blue or green orginally. It seems to have a green basis, covered in blue and then with the appliance of something sharp the green appears again, but what is blue and what is green.

There is a border between these two colours, which perhaps out of convenience we could say there is definitely a breath of turquoise mixed in somewhere.

But who am I to say, the daughter of a father who was completely colour blind, perhaps wearing a green sock together with a blue one, just like my No.2 son who is also colour blind. Did he inherit this from his grandfather? Without me he would have inherited nothing, but I am the only child of my dad, a daughter. Females are not often colourblind, only in the case that the father is colourblind and the mother is a carrier of the gene, just like me, but my mum was not a carrier. And so I am the culprit for my son’s colourblindness. I am the carrier. However I am drifting, because I really do have difficulty in defining what is blue or green. Blue can be quite green and green tends to drift into blue as far as I am concerned.

River Aare

RDP Thursday: How green is blue