RDP Friday: Hope

Hope is a Friday feeling
Collect the shopping bags
Put them in the car boot
Drive off to the store and fill them
Sounds easy, not so easy
The bags now in the trolley
Push the trolley around the store
Fill it, checking items off the list
Meet a friend in the store
And then continue
Striking items off the list
Suddenly the list is empty
Hoping you have got everything
Pay at the cash desk
Use the special coupons with reductions
Already dealt with in the comfort of home
What are iPads for?
Pile the goods in the bags
Off home in the car
And now again the hopeful part
What more hope?
Never stop hoping
In the garage leave the cola pack
Too heavy and No. 1 son will fetch it
Otherwise pile it all on your walker
Mission completed
Hope I remembered  everything

RDP Friday: Hope

Daily Prompt: Hope

May the force be with you. Just remembered it is Star Wars day today so just quickly updated this memorable blog.

Horse Chestnut 03.05.2016

Hope sounds like it should be a poem, or perhaps one of those short word japanese things – you know a whats it called, yes a haiku. My poems usually develop into legends, and the haiku has to be sort of short and sweet to the point, packed with feeling and emotion. I am more a down to earth, feet on the ground sort of person.

Anyhow, when I planted this horse chestnut, I did not really have big hopes, but as the original chestnut came from a tree above the banks of the local river, I thought who knows. I tossed it into the garden with no big ideas. It was Autumn and in Spring I had two leaves, the shape of things to come. I had sycamore trees sprouting everywhere in the garden, so why not a horse chestnut. Mr. Swiss found if it became something it would be too big for our small plot of land, especially as there is a garage beneath it all. I did not give up and replanted it in a small pot. As you can see it soon outgrew this small pot and so I bought the biggest pot I could find. Since at least 15 years it has been battling its way upwards. I gave it a short back and sides every year as it was growing to the extent that it threatened to block out the light from our bedroom window.

We have a few chestnut trees in our area, and in spring they have a wonderful show of flowers in their pinks, reds and whites. My tree refuses. I spoke to the gardner and he found if I cut it back every year, it will see no point in making a flower. He also added that there are some trees that never flower. Never flower? Out of all the hundreds of chestnut trees mine refused to flower. This year I did not give it a radical cut in early spring, I let it grow and spread. As you can see there are still no flowers. When other chestnut trees are now developing their fruits, mine remains bare.

Horse chestnut barren
What is your purpose in life
Grow and you will find

This was a haiku to my chestnut tree, I know not exactly a japanese masterwork, but you never know.

In the meanwhle I was hoping to visit the hairdresser this week, but due to the Ascension day holiday tomorrow, my hairdresser is fully booked. She only works on Wednesday through to Saturday and the only free time she had for me was Saturday morning at lunch time. I decided not to let my family hunger for a hairdresser appointment, and so I will be scalped next week on Wednesday.

Today one of my small hopes was fulfilled. My dad is now in palliative care in a nursing home in London, but he is aware of what it going on. He eats, does not drink enough as most golden oldies (he is now 100 years old) and being so far away in another country, I rely on my wonderful friend to keep me in the picture. Today she called to say he is sitting in a chair in his room next to her, which is the first time since a month at least. I heard him in the background, complaining that he would rather sit in another chair as his shoulder was aching in this chair. That is dad, he is complaining again.  Every little step counts, and I was so happy to hear that he actually got out of his bed. I do not exactly talk to him on my friend’s phone, as dad and mobiles do not work, but he shouts a few words to me and I shout back. I was prepared for anything, but every little step is a gift at the moment.

From small chestnuts you get a big tree, but it will not always bear fruit – there must be a hidden meaning in those words, am still searching for it, but it sounds good.

Daily Prompt: Hope