RDP Sunday: Homecoming

Is this my homecoming when I cross the English coast, seeing the white cliffs of Dover?

Or is it when I see the Swiss Cross on the tail of the plane taking be back to my chosen country, Switzerland.

The first twenty years of my life spent growing up in London and moving, voluntarily, to Switzerland where I have been living for the past 54 years, I even landed in Switzerland on my 20th birthday, which was a coincidence,

I have nothing to hold me to London today. Family is no longer, just a couple of cousins, and friends are contacted by computer, be it Facebook, e-mail or messenger, or they might visit for a holiday in Switzerland. Although we are all now golden oldies and travel is no longer so possible.

Seeing the outline of the Jura mountain chain in my “back garden” and the greenery of the fields makes me feel at home.

RDP Sunday: Homecoming

FOWC with Fandango: Homecoming


When I wheel through this old fortress gate on the Eastern side of our town, known as the Baselgate, I know I am on my way home. I can leave the last cobbled ways of the old town behind me and travel on smoother surfaces along a straight road for about 5-10 minutes and I have reached my village.

I have had many homecomings during the past years. Once a year I would visit my dad in London for a week, flying from Zürich to London. After the week I would again land in Zürich, seeing the fields below me. Landing at Zürich Airport is like landing in the middle of a group of fields. I would then descend to the railway and get the direct train to my adopted home town of Solothurn. As the train sped along the route I would recognise the various villages and towns I would pass through. From Zürich Airport the train would stop at Aarau, Olten and perhaps Oensingen (according to the route) and eventually arrive in Solothurn. From Solothurn I would take the local train to my village, just a five minute distance and then I was home.

It was a good feeling to see my family again and Mr. Swiss was glad that I arrived safely.

It has now been 5 years since my last journey to London and that was for my dad’s funeral. Since I have no longer been in England, but I do not miss it. My homecoming is Switzerland since 53 years.

FOWC with Fandango: Homecoming