RDP Thursday: Harvest

Harvester 13.07 (9)

It’s harvest time in the country
The machines can be heard as they yield
They rumble and are cutting all the stalks they can fined
Every ear of wheat in the field
The mice are disappearing their homes are not safe
Wheels flattening the ground where they move
And now the crops are gone, wrapped neatly in bundles
Everything now looks so smooth
The cleaners arrive to remove all the rest
Flying high and low
They settle on the ground and begin to munch and chew
Of course it’s now time for the crow
Now there is peace, the noise has gone
but what is it now that  stinks
The ground must be fertilised to prepare for next year
Agriculture has many links

Harvest 09.07 (1)

RDP Thursday: Harvest

October Photo a Day Challenge: Harvest

Maize harvesting 21.08 (1)

There is a time of the year, usually end of August, when every field has a machine harvesting the produce of the Summer months. Here they are gathering the results of the maize, corn.

Harvester 13.07 (4)

Some of the machines are real monsters, but compared to the earlier days when farm labourers worked all day to gather the results, it is a great improvement.

Wheat Fieldls Loreto chapel 23.07 (3)

And the days of hay stacks are now long ago. The crops are now rolled into neat partcels.

October Photo a Day Challenge: Harvest

RDP #45: Kerfuffle

Harvester 13.07 (2)

As the farmer came around the corner the crows almost got into panic. Their quiet organised life on the wheat fields was being threatened. They used to be able to hop around picking up insects and even having a peck on what was growing, although that was not the farmer’s intention. After ploughing the field and planting the corn (a noisy machine was the crows impression) the corn had grown to a suitable crow sized beak full and now in one day it was all being removed.

Harvester 13.07 (6)

“Caw, look at that, a real murder of good stuff if I ever saw it.”

“No, boss, the murder are we but no problem. The bits and pieces are falling back onto the field, so what could be better.”

“Of course, let’s go for an investigation, if it woke us up, then there will definitely be a few beetles and other tasty insects to feed on that have also been disturbed in their underground munching sessions.”

And so the crows did a call out and they all came flocking together.

Crows 13.07 (22)

“But where’s the corn.”

“Boss, who needs corn, when the bugs and grubs and worms have all been disturbed by the noise, this is great.”

“Ok, but don’t caw with your mouth full, it is bad manners and I cannot understand you.”

And so the crows made the most of the feast.

Crows 13.07 (6)

“Just a minute where did that lot come from, they ain’t crows.”

“No we are not crows, but there is no notice on this field saying “For crows only, so out the way, the first ones are the quickest.”

There was a small disagreement, but the crows won as always. You just don’t mess with a crow. Things calmed down and the harvested wheat was organised into neat bundles on the field, the table was laid and the various birds made the most of it, before it disappeared.

Crows 13.07 (3)
Eventually everything was quiet, not a caw or other bird squeak could be heard, they were all busy digesting the unexpected feast on the laid table. The farmer had finished his job and would be back to collect the harvest. “Every year the same excitement” he thought. As soon as I appear with my tractor there is one big kerfuffle in the air and then they settle on the field to see what is left for them.

“Look boss, the farmer is going.”

“OK murder, carry on and don’t forget to bring something back to the nest for the babies. And let us not forget, next year: same time and same place.”

RDP #45: Kerfuffle