Friday RDP: Grubby

Abandoned Factory Solothurn 26.07 (6)

I suppose it does look grubby.  The remaining blinds on the windows are hanging on for dear life and there are missing panes of glass. I remember it about 40 years ago. The owner was then a younger man and had married a lady that inherited the factory from her family. It manufactured small engineering parts, but eventually it got into financial difficulties. It closed down and was abandoned. I have now watched as the building has gradually fallen apart and slowly becoming a victim of disintegration over the past years.

At one time it was used as a theatre.

Abandoned Factory Solothurn 26.07 (3)

The door was then glass with posters advertising the newest productions. That is now also a thing of the past. The left glass door has been replaced with boarding and the right door still shows cracks and breakage in the glass.

It even had a side path where the workers in the factory days, probably took their break in the good weather and a chance for a smoke outside.

Abandoned Factory Solothurn 26.07 (2)

This has now become wasteland for the weed survival although at the front a flowering buddleia has arrived, which even attracts butterflies. I am not sure if the butterflies would even survive in this wasteland.

I remember the area where I grew up in the docklands area of London. It was surrounded by such areas, being the remains of the bombed ruins of buildings from world was II, which were my childhood playgrounds. This factory is the result of pure neglect. The area now belongs to the bank and can be bought, although it is probably only the land that has a value. The old factory would be demolished and something new built, although it has been waiting for a buyer for many years. It is in an industrial area.

Abandoned Factory Solothurn 26.07 (4)

I had a look through the boarded up window. Some of the windows still have glass and the general impression of the inside is desertion, grubby being another word for it.

Friday RDP: Grubby