FOWC with Fandango: Gravy

Not exactly how to cook a perfect gravy, but gravy was a mum word. It would come out of a packet, was a powder and brown coloured. You mixed it with boiling water and there you had your brown liquid to cover the meat.

Me, I do it myself, with a little help from the juices coming from the meat. In later life when mum was still amongst us, I would visit her or she would come to see me in Switzerland. By that time gravy no longer existed in my vocabulary, it had become a sauce. That really made mum a little uncertain so she began to used my “sauce” word, although pronouncing it as if it was a foreign language, which I suppose it was, as we used the word in our Swiss German dialect. Somehow it did not have the same delicate ring to it as it should have had. On the other hand gravy was mum, I survived on it and no harm done.

FOWC with Fandango: Gravy