Good Morning

We had a weather warning yesterday evening and it rained and rained and rained throughout the night. However no floods, just wet everywhere.

Of course it was an attraction for some unfortunately and this guy was sliming its way across my patio this morning.

My hosta flower stems also suffered from the deluge and are now hanging their stalks from the weight of the water. This morning there is no more rain, the sun is shining at the moment and we even now have blue skies. I hope the hostas will recover during the day.

Another insect species has also returned with a vengence and I am busy with my fly swatter helping them to meet their end. I always have the window open during the day, weather permitting, and they take it as an open invitation.

Otherwise this is going to be a quick visit. I hugged the bed longer this morning and am later than usual, although what difference does that make in the life of a golden oldie. I am not going places or doing anything special. Just the normal routine. I get a grocery delivery this morning and I just got the confirmation of my list showing that everything will be delivered as ordered.

I am now off to catch up on lost time. Have a good one, see you later.

Good Morning


It is a cold unfriendly morning, a bit of mist and dull, so I thought I would start a brighter begin to the day with our St. Urs cathedral view as I approached Solothurn yesterday afternoon. the sun was direct behind the cathedral, and I found the resulting silhouette effect not bad.

Otherwise a little excitement, at least for me, on my wheelie yesterday. As I left our home and wheeled along, my first view was on the opposite side of the road is the meadow leading from the castle where I saw this.


I suppose no big deal for many, but we very rarely see them here. I think it is a so-called grey heron an it was sitting all on its own in the field. It was probably a refugee from the local river Aare although not a regular visitor. I was quite surprised to see such a big bird and my first thought was a stork but it obviously was not, as it is still too early for them.


When I wheeled on home in my chair more than an hour later, it was still standing there. Now and again it walked around, so I do not think it had any injury. It was probably annoyed that there were no fish in the area.


My first stop on the way was our new supermarket. I had forgotten a couple of items on Friday and decided to risk my first visit in a supermarket with my wheelchair. There was enough space to enter and inside it was also quite comfortable to move around. Another new experience for me. Now I know I can do it, and I will probably be a customer now and again, mainly for bits and pieces. It is a smaller store, known with the description “M”.  My usual store is an “MMM” with a larger assortment and its own butchers and bread baker.


In town there was not a lot going on, most of the crowds were at the restaurant mile along the river. However the carnival season is getting nearer and as it a usual custom, our hot chestnut hut had again been decorated by one of the carnival groups


At a closer look it says “heaven and hell at the ball”. Our carnival is celebrated by a few balls for the evening entertainment. At the back of the decoration our fountain statue is peeping through.


As I was wheeling through town I was asked by a couple if I would take a photo of them with our cathedral in the background. They found that I must be quite good with such a professional camera in my hand. I obliged and we got into a little conversation. They had the same iPhone as mine and before they left I asked if they would take a photo of me with my iPhone. I am so busy taking photos of other objects and rarely get a photo of myself. It is nothing special, and I am not the best subject for a photo, but I had now been there and done it.

It was quite an eventful trip and I was glad to get out and about. When I got home I had a pizza to prepare for the evening meal and a few blogs to write.  Otherwise I spent the best part of the evening uploading my 60 photos.


I also met these two small dogs in town who seemed to be having a “getting-to-know-you” session on the street. I naturally stopped to get a photo. Their owners were quite amused.

Have a good Sunday everyone, take it easy, and may the sun be shining somewhere. I have not yet seen it here.