Good Morning

Now that was a eye opening sunrise this morning. The clouds are now disappearing and it looks like it will be another sunny day today. I will not be going anywhere, but will be enjoying the views from home. My neighbour already had here laundry drying in the sun outside. My laundry dried overnight, so I will have some ironing to do today, but no so much.

I saw this spider hanging around outside suspended from my hedge. It is nothing special for a spider and does no harm. I also have her sister hanging around in the kitchen from the celing, but at least then keep an eye on other pests that might arrive. It is now Autumn and the insects are searching for a nice comfortable place to spend the colder months.

And what would a morning be without this regular visitor hoping for a few feline delicacies. I wonder if the guy he owns realises that he disappears regularly every morning.

I must say life is certainly now more comfortable since my new fridge and freezer arrived at the end of last week. We so rely on these objects. A fridge was almost luxury when I was a kid and mum and dad only bought the first one when I was about 8 years old in the fifties. How did we manage before we had it. I remember mum would fill a bowl with cold water to keep the butter from melting. Ice was non existant and drinks were normal room temperature. We had a small cupboard outside in the garden, known as a safe – although not for money, which was the poor man’s fridge, although food could only be preserved in the colder seasons. Otherwise you just made the most of it. There was no discussion about being healthy or not when you preserved the meat. Shopping had to be a daily chore to make sure food was eaten before it perished. I remember my aunt who lived opposite, was the first to have a fridge in the family. They had no children and both my aunt and uncle were working, so there was enough money to pay for it. I remember my mum saying when they went for their annual holiday we could at last have some ice in our drinks, as she looked after their place when they were away. No such luck. My aunt decided to disconnect it from the electricity when she was away, so no ice.

And now time for the daily routine, although it will be the Sunday routine. Have a good restful Sunday everyone.

Good Morning

The morning from my garden looks quite bare with a dull sky, although you can just see the outline of the pre-alps in the background. I am now in isolation. I go nowhere and remain at home. Of course I am keeping out of Mr. Kovid’s way, but that is not really the reason. Our local town and surroundings have few people: only those that are shopping for food. It is now bitter cold, temperatures falling to -3°C and I have no wish to go out on my scooter. The head winds whilst travelling make it even colder. It is not snowing, but too cold for snow. I now rely on my online ordering of food from my supplier which thank goodness works very well. I am now covered until Friday and already placed my new order yesterday which will be delivered on Friday morning to cover the week-end. My life has a new routine. Mr. Swiss find that I am becoming a master of logistics with my new planning. Even the guy that delivers the goods is becoming a colleague. There are a few working as chauffeur, but I always seem to get the same guy. He is so helpful and friendly.

Mr. Robin paid me another visit yesterday. I always notice when he arrives as he waits for the other birds to disappear and then has it all to himself.

And of course, let us not forget the magpie. He sit in the tree first of all to survey the lie of the land, although he knows there are a few peanuts (in their shells of course) waiting for his breakfast. With a lot of noise and wing flapping he finally descends and I must really be quick for a photo as in a fraction of a second he packs his peanut and disappears with it.

Yesterday in my day of isolation life was quiet. Mr. Swiss was reading and I was working on my computer. I also completed my online week-end order for delivery on Friday. I had a good delivery slot for morning from 10-11 which suites me well. The days of trips to the store are now over for me. Mr. Swiss even congratulated me on my logistic qualities or the orgabnisation. My son picks up bread from the store and any other articles that would be necessary. Yesterday he went to the chemist to get Mr. Swiss tablet supply. We forgot to get the bread, but I have at least 10 breads in the freezer although I only realised I had no bread until late in the afternoon. I have had my “new” micro wave oven for at least 5 years but have never used (or even found) the programme for defrosting bread. Yesterday I searched and found it and it is great. Within 3 minutes my bread was defrosted, so no problem, and it was in perfect condition. I am thinking about baking a loaf today and should now get around to it, as it will need time to raise.

Otherwise nothing spectacular going on. I can still not get through on the telephone line to book my vaccination, but there is at least now a recording to tell everyone that the slots are fully booked for this week. I have had to wait for almost a year for a vaccination so a few more months do not matter so much.

And now I must go but I wish you all a good day. Stay safe and follow the rules (what a life we are leading).

Good Morning

It looks like the block system is still working for me, although when I fire it up in the morning I am hoping that I can still do it. Mr. Swiss tells me that there is no computer system that can conquer me, but I am not sure. This after I did have quite an excited tantrum when I realised that this new system was being forced on me. However, if you cannot beat them, then join them, and I am finding my way. Writing and photos goes just as fast as ever. I waste more time in searching for the right symbol for the stuff, but with time that will become routine, I hope.

Oh, and this morning is looking quite good. Another sunny day, with a pleasant breeze outside on the porch this morning. Yesterday I exiled myself for the afternoon: a sort of voluntary lockdown, isolation. I had my usual sleep after lunch, which is usually an hour, but after a semi exhausting morning in cooking spaghetti and putting fresh linen on the beds I was a little tired and hugged my bed for most of the afternoon. I did not have to go to town, did not bother with the graveyard or castle, and my camera stayed at home with me.

The last time I was in town I was more in the business section where the store is. I took a photo of this newer buiding, although it has been there for the past five years. It is various offices and below there is also a supermarket. Perhaps nothing special, the usual concrete building, but I remember how it was before. There was a small garage and even an old house where a colleague of mine lived.

Thank goodness our older buildings are still under protection and are not allowed to be removed, to keep the general characteristics of our town.

Otherwise you will have to make do with my local photos, but even they have their charm. I have a plastic box with my grapes on the table outside. It has become a place for homeless wasps, but I leave it there. They do no harm and are only interested in a constant food supply. They are a little difficult to photograph amongst the grapes, but now and again one of them goes exploring and this one decided to have a closer look at my orchid on the table outside. At last I managed to get a detailed view of its pullover with all the stripes. I discovered even its legs are yellow.

Otherwise I took a few shots of my orchids. I am so proud of them for flowering the second time again. A few months ago they were just bare stalks and the the stalks began to grow and develop a few lumps which became buds for a new generation of flowers.

Now they are all flowering together and I almost have no space on the table for all of them. I think it happened because they were outside getting enough light and it has been a nice warm summer. I had them in a shady place and feed them regularly with fertiliser.

My white orchids still had flowers from March, but were beginning to droop and fall. However, even this orchid decided to join the club and produced fresh buds on three stalks.

Today I must go to the store to get supplies for the week-end. My scooter battery is now full power and I will be speeding along at my 10 kilometres an hour. Hope I do not get a speeding ticket.

And now to depart to further assignments. I have some ironing to do on the duvets and pillow cases from my bed linen wash.

Keep safe everyone, enjoy the day. The week-end is not far away.

Good Morning


Sometimes I wonder how the time flies after I stop hugging the bed. I rose at 8.45 approximately, made son’s bed, folded a blanket that I washed yesterday. made a bite of breakfast and got myself organised for an outside breakfast on the porch. Then I found another blanket to clean. The blankets belonged to Tabby so I had to remove Tabby fur to prepare them for the machine. Something is really missing in the morning now. I always checked her recycling tray, emptied it and she would decide to take the first breath of fresh air when she walked past me to the garden.

At the moment I have a tidying up fad. I had such a mixture of watering cans together with my garden clogs outside on the porch and otherwise too many plants on the outside table that I actually took the trouble to re-arrange it all, and now I have space again.


And how is this for a peasant surprise. I still have my Christmas cactus, although it did not do very much last Christmas. It lost all it little buds and did not even flower. again However, I did not give up hope and since the warmer days it is outside on the porch. I noticed that there was a little colour and I have a bud: a big bud which is growing daily. It seems there is life in the cactus and it might re-awaken from its sleep at last.


I was off to town again yesterday to the supermarket as provisions were a little low for dinner and tea. On the way home I took my old route along the river. These two pigeons seemed to be enjoying the view from their balcony.

It is now summer, so those without their own gardens are now making the most of the open spaces along the river for a sun bath or are floating around on the river on their rafts. I am one of the lucky ones I suppose, having a porch and garden to relax in. I have noticed that since I am wheeling around more in my chair I am getting a wheelchair tan on my arms, face and legs when wearing my shorts. I was always one of the lucky ones to have a skin with no sun problems that immediately turns brown in the sun. My dad had the same type of skin. Mum was more like a beetroot when she sat in the sun.


As I wheeled along the river I was again rewarded with a wonderful view on the Jura in the background and the growing cornfields. The sky was also playing its part in the scenery. The white buildings in the distance are part of the estate where I live.

My supermarket chain is really making my buying life interesting. I was invited to join their club for more benefits, costing only 8.50 francs per month, and notice the improvement. I am getting double the benefits I had up to now and am overwhelmed with bonus. On the other hand it is almost becoming a university challenge to work out everything. It might sound a bit silly, but it is the major part of my life now. We have no interest in travelling, or belonging to a golden oldie club where you would be surrounded with too many other golden oldies. We live in a nice place with friendly neighbours and wonderful sights, so what could be better.

Today is a day more or less at home, although I might go somewhere this afternoon, but not very far. I did not upload my chair yesterday, but still have enough power for an hour’s tour of the village.


There was a storm hovering around in the distance yesterday and the evening showed itself with wonderful colours. When I eventually began to hug the bed I heard the pitter patter of the raindrops on the garden, which was very soothing.

And so have a good day, make the most of it and don’t get too close to anyone. According to where you are, wear a mask. They make us women more mysterious than we already are.

Good Morning


No great sunrise, too many clouds, but an aircraft is winging it way above, probably going to Zürich airport according to its path. It promises to be a good day today, no rain, so I am hoping for the best. Our carnival begins today although I was surprised that I was not awoken by the groups walking into town from the surrounding villages. It is an early morning start with some called “chesslete” meaning dress up in a white night gown with a hat complete with tassel, and you must have a red scarf around your neck. The most important thing is to take something with you that makes a noise, something to bang, perhaps a trumpet or motor horn and wake everyone up. I do not know that was wrong this morning as I heard nothing, neither did Mr. Swiss. I was probably sleeping too well.

I am not a carnival person, more a spectator. I am planning to go into town this afternoon. It is the afternoon for dressing up and holding a confetti war with everyone. There will also be various music groups, dressed for the occasion of course. My aim is to take a few photos,

Fasnacht 28.02 (21)

Our streets look something like this afterwards.

However in the meanwhile my day will be as normal as usual.


I now have a new orchid and for lack of orchid space I have it on the kitchen table. I could not resist it. It was a special price and a white one, which I do not often see. It is one with three flower stems, they usually only have two. I have an orchid that is preparing to lose its last flowers, so this will afterwards take its place. In the meanwhile it is brightening up the kitchen.


Outside things are also in action and one of my raised beds is now full of flowering crocus. There is also a patch of them in the garden. It seems that nature is really getting ready for Spring. It has been a really strange Winter with no snow, although there are now some patches in the higher ranges of the mountains.


Of course our alps (these are in the Bernese Overland) have more or less permanent snow, although it seems due to climate change and being a little warmer, the snow is melting faster than it should.   The photo is from last week. I wonder what it will uncover when it melts. Here we have the Eiger in the middle with the infamous north wall facing, the one that is very steep, overhanging in places, and most difficult to climb. There are still a few missing mountaineers somewhere in the depths of the wall in the crevices.

My only climbing today will be replacing the bed linen which is strenuous enough, although with a little help from Mr. Swiss I am hoping to be finished with it in half an hour. We have already recovered the duvet and cushion, now the strenuous bit turning mattresses and hoovering below, but honestly speaking, a golden oldie has the time, perhaps not always the strength.


I still have the tits visiting in the garden, but they prefer to eat in leisure without the noisy sparrows an have their own table food.

Have a good day, be kind to your computers and above all no stress. See you around later.