Good Morning

Morning Light on snow

Why I always get blue photos of the snow in the early morning I do not know, Must be something to do with the reflections in the early morning light. It is really not so blue, but quite white. It did not snow again, but made a weak effort, just a little sprinkle probably in the early morning hours. Temperature was 0°C this morning, but getting warmer which I am not sorry about. I just hope that the weather stays more or less dry today so I can again venture into the wilds with my wheelchair for some new photos.  Winter is not such a productive time for photos due to the weather.

All I can supply at the moment are the daily morning visits of the crows that come to peck at the bread remains of the day before.

Yesterday was not so eventful but the morning shopping was OK, as I had already bought everything for the week-end the day before. Just a few bits and pieces that I forgot, and even Mr. Swiss came with me as he had a small detail to change on his phone. To be quite honest, I quite like an excursion to the store now and again, gets me out to see places with my new car.


Speaking of new car, I was pleased to receive a card of appreciation from the sales guy at the garage yesterday. I remember him taking the photo, I just thought it was custom, but was surprised and happy to get the card with the photo. He also sent his best wishes etc. We have been customers of this garage for many years. I must say I am really satisfied with my purchase and everything on the car suits me, it is ideal. I feel quite the professional now having organised the purchase of a new car.

And now to move on. It might be just Saturday but a woman’s work is never done. Mr. Swiss asks why I clean the same thing every day but why is it so strange to convince someone that if your do it regularly for half an hour a day, I do not have to sacrifice a complete day once a week, and in any case I have a good feeling when I am finished (if I survive and do not fall during the work, or any other interruptions).

All going well they will let me out this afternoon again, otherwise I will curl up with a computer, and perhaps later a book. Enjoy the day, have fun and remember there is always a silver lining somewhere. Just hope that the sun shines.

Sunset 04.01 (5)

Good Morning


One thing I must say for the cold frosty, snowy weather is that it delivers good sunrise photos. This photo is the morning sunrise from my garden, although just a little later than usual for me as I was hugging the bed a little longer.

Yesterday was not so romantic as it decided to snow all day. I was keeping an eye on the development of the snowflakes. At first they were fine and I was hoping for some rain, but then they grew and got bigger. Mr. Swiss had decided that he needed a new iPhone and I said OK, but in the afternoon when it does not snow, but it snowed. It was eventually bigger flakes, but temperatures were over 0° (just 1 or 2°C) so I decided to take the risk, I mean everyone drives on snow. I saw the cars on the near road were having no trouble. I then had a look at todays weather forcast with minus temperatures and decided at least there would be no icy surfaces.

Eventually I made off with Mr. Swiss in the car to the store. He was on a quest for a new phone and I decided to combine it with the week-end shopping.

I did my shopping and Mr. Swiss dealt with his telephone. He really thought his mobile had given up the ghost. It was a relatively new one and the guy in the shop fixed it in a couple of minutes and it is now working perfectly, so no new telephone. We eventually arrived home, tired both of us, and more or less happy. I thought I would not have to go shopping today, but of course I forgot a couple of things. On the other hand the weather is cold yes, but there is no fresh snow and the roads are normal. I only have a few things to get, so no problem.


In the meanwhile the birds are gathering for their morning feed. The sparrow having a drink and generally pecking around and the crow and the magpie discovering the bread I put out in the morning. Not a very good shot, although I was surprised how much detail I captured as it was only with my mobile phone through the window.

I would like to go places today again, as I am really stuck at home with only snow photos in my camera, but it depends on how the day develops and I have a mountain of ironing to do as well. In he meanwhile the sun has appeared with a blue sky and now I must move on.

Keep safe, and look forward to the week-end. It can only get better.


Good Morning

Morning Snow

Is it a good morning when it looks like this? Admittedly it looks very pretty, one of those wonderful snow scenes, seen from my front garden, but what does it hold for the roads. Actually I do not think it will be too bad, It is no longer snowing and I hear the snap crackle and pop of slowly melting snow, meaning that if the weather behaves I will have a clear road this afternoon.

Mr. Swiss has decided to make an excursion this afternoon with me at the wheel of the car. Nothing exciting, but he needs a new mobile phone and we will be paying a visit to the mall where there is a store. Yes, even golden oldies like to keep up to date with their electric appliances. I said only if the roads are normal, and as rain has been predicted today, it looks like it will be all systems go. Mr. Swiss said I have new Winter tyres on my new car, so there should really be no problem.  I hope I also have the Winter driving programme on my body.

At the moment I am suffering a little from cabin fever as there are no wheelchair rides in weather like this. I can only see the outside world from my home. Yesterday I had a shopping morning in the supermarket, but the roads were clear. The big snow came only in the afternoon and it looked like this.


Even the sun and some blue sky with clouds decided to put in an appearance.

Snow Clouds

The local kids decided to do some sleighing outside

Today there is a little action time as the bed linen will be changed. Mr. Swiss used to do the heavy duty stuff, but can no longer without my help and I need help from No. 1 son to put the fitted sheets on the mattress. He is at work in the mornings, so will do the necessary this afternoon after lunch, although last time we even managed it ourselves. Depends on whether we are having a good day or not so good, and Mr. Swiss is still hugging the bed. The biggest excitement I had yesterday was when my stick holder broke on my walker. I ordered a new one and realised in the meanwhile that it was not broken after all. No problem, I can always use an extra one.

And I will now move on whilst watching the snow melt (I hope). Hope your day is a good one and everything under control.

Afternoon Snow Sky

Good Morning

Snowy Morning

This morning everything is against me. First of all I overslept – well not really, goldien oldies cannot oversleep, because they have no real quests: just a little shopping and tidying up, but I awoke with the alarm and usually I wait for the alarm. However, no damage done, just had to do the preliminaries and little quicker. I had washing that had dried overnight and a cat to feed with fresh water. And the worst was it was snowing. It had snowed, and I thought that was it, but no, we now have bigger flocks coming down.

According to the weather prognosis it will stop around 10-00 a.m. with a little sun, which I am hoping for. I have a shopping trip to do today and it will be my first with snow on the roads, although it seems to be a little wet snow and I am hoping that our road maintenance guys will have cleared most of it away when I leave.

I was behind with everything: visiting posts that arrived in the night and returning comments and looking at the new arrivals in the reader. However, life is more than what a computer has to offer I suppose. My mum always said, when the cigarette prices got more expensive “What else does an old boy have”. Ridiculous I know, there is a lot more to life than cigarettes, like computers. But when my computer/WordPress does strange things, like this morning, then I have even more distrubances. “What does a golden oldie have in life than a computer” could be the modern day version of mum’s favourite wise words. Even my header photo did not want to from my hoster at first, but that is now working.

The shopping list is made so what could possibly go wrong. I am now off – have things to do and places to visit like a shower. I will leave you with a photo of my daily visit of the crows, although this one was yesterday morning.

Crows 08.01 (10)

Hope your day is developing better than mine so far. Even my publish button from WordPress is in pink instead of the normal green, which might mean something.


Good Morning

Drain Clearage

I could say I am late this morning, but as I have nowhere that I have to go or be, being a golden oldie, I just stopped hugging the bed half an hour later. I noticed there was action in the estate and the company that clear the drains in our area were at work.  They seem to do the job once a month with their pumps. It is also raining today, and quite windy, so not a very pleasant day to go places.

Crows 07.01 (8)

However I battled my way through wind and rain with the remaining bread from yesterday for the big birds and they did not waste any time gathering the offerings. Each crow with a beak full of bread made off afterwards to have their breakfast in their secret places.

And now I am also off. I was thinking of cleaning a few windows today, but decided it is too cold and wet, although a woman’s work is never done and I am sure I will find something else to occupy myself with. Yesterday I took my new car for a drive to the shops. It is so nice to have a normal day of shopping with no Christmas buys to do and everyone just enjoying the shopping experience. I could park my car with a choice of places, no-one hogging the specially reserved places for the handicapped as they did in the Christmas days. I can no longer call them “holidays” as holidays are days when you can have a bit of fun. Christmas is no longer fun, but a misery and I am glad it is gone. The next holiday will be Easter, another one to avoid.

I noticed yesterday that my new car talks to me. I parked in the garage and it reminded me first of all that I was a  little too near the wall, so it peeped. I am used to that. It peeps everywhere if you happen to have an obstacle, but no problem. It is when the peep begins to howl at you that it is time to switch off. Then it began to do its act again, reminding me to put the gear into P. Eventually it was happy and settled down. I am really getting to love this car, it does all the thinking for me. I never thought as a golden oldie that I would one day enjoy driving. Is it because I am no longer just a passenger sitting next to the driver, because I have no passengers and I am the driver.  My cousin in England told me that his mother-in-law still drives at the age of 94, so who knows.

So now to move on. As you can see there is not much action in the wilds of Switzerland at the moment and I have an appointment with a vacuum cleaner and mop, as well as a meal to cook. Look after yourselves, and make the most of the day, even if there are a few negatives to cope with.

Berries 04.01 (2)

Good Morning


At least the snow has now disappeared, although our part of Switzerland did not get so much- I remember in my working days, when today would have been the first day back at work. Then it always snowed. After clear weather during the holidays it returned with a vengence. Now we no longer go back to work, because we are golden oldies, and so the snow has stayed away. Must be a moral to that one somewhere, but I have not yet found it.

Lemon Tart

And what did I do yesterday? I decided to bake a lemon tart in the afternoon. I had meaning to make one for some weeks, but never got around to it and now it is done. Actually quite easy: ready made pastry from the store and a self composed filling of 2 eggs, lemon juice (from a freshly pressed lemon of mine), sugar and some cornflour and just bake it in the oven for about 30 minutes. Makes a change from apple tart, although I still have about 50 apples from my tree stored in the cellar.

Otherwise I was at home during the day busy with some computer work and reading in the evening. Lately my reading had suffered because I had been busy with the extra work I have taken over from Mr. Swiss who can no longer manage trips into town accompanying me on the shopping tour.

I am reading the 5th and up to date last book in the “Invisible Library” series by Genevieve Cogman. I have already read the first four books. As an avid reader the series interested me, but you have to like a bit of fantasy. It is a library land where special books are kept and hunted down for various reasons. Irene is a spy for the library, searching for various books at various times in history. The library personnel can move from one era to another through a door in the library where they work- Dragons are involved and fae. The last book that I am reading is situated in Paris when cars were first appearing on the roads, side by side with horse carriages – some time at the beginning of the 19th century.

Today is the first day when we are free of bothersome holidays getting the food supplies. I am glad to go on a normal shopping trip without having to plan for days ahead. How I have now realise how Christmas is a disturbance to normal routine. I will now be getting ready, with a shower and a bit of tidying up. Since I am now doing it all on my own, I have been working out a new plan of action. I usually go shopping first of all, and do an hours cleaning when return home, which makes a late dinner. I have decided to do half the cleaning before I go shopping, which leaves less stress when I arrive home, I hope. We will see.

Have a good day everyone, and see you around later.

Baselstrasse 04.01 (1)

Good Morning

Snow in the back garden

Yesterday we got snow, Switzerland got snow. It began in the morning and continued until the early afternoon.  As I was not going places I did not mind so much, was only hoping that the spook would disappear by Monday when I go shopping. My new expriences with regular car drives is fun, but not in snow, especially fresh snow that has not yet been cleared away by the road machines. However, I was lucky. It stopped yesterday and is not returning in our part of Switzerland. East Switzerland got most of it and Zürich airport had many delayed flights. Most of it has now thawed away.

No. 2 son and his family live in east Switzerland, Shaffhausen area, and planned to visit yesterday. They arrive for lunch with no great problem. My daughter-in-law is one of those people with driving in the blood so the snow did not bother her so much. It was nice to have them visit and seeing my grandson only every 1-2 months, I notice the difference each time he arrives.

It looks like my wheelies in my chair will be few and far between if there is snow and ice on the streets.


One of the first things I do in the morning is renew the bowl of water outside, mainly for my cat Tabby and the sparrows also enjoy a drink. However, we have a new visitor lately. The neighbour’s cat Roschti goes on a morning patrol and passes through my garden. He has discovered the bowl of water and now stops by to sample what is on offer. Roschti originally belonged to a neighbour that moved away, but the cat stayed and was taken over by another neighbour. She does not like my cat, and my cat does not like Roschti, so they get on like two cats on fire. Now and again they have a staring match, perhaps a short paw swipe, but nothing too serious. Sometimes they just sit and look at each other, depends on the daily mood.

Black swan 04.01 (7)

On my last visit to the local farm I noticed that the black swan was still there. Her chicks are now probably fully grown and have gone further.

Chickens 04.01 (3)

One of the chickens had also discovered an apple for lunch. There is an apple tree in the grounds and the farmer just leaves the apples on the tree. The animals are quite pleased about that when they fall.

And now to move on, but it is Sunday so I take my time. The first job is put the roast in the oven and let it cook until lunch time. Then generally tidy up with a shower and hope that  the snow stays away and the day develops well. It even looks like a little sunshine

Have a good Sunday and enjoy. I leave you with one of my sunset photos from Friday. It was really a special day for a sunset show.

Sunset 04.01 (2)