FOWC with Fandango: Garage


At the main station in the nearest town they decided to remove the restaurant and shops on the lower floor and transform it into a garage for bicycles and this is the result. A good idea for those that take the train and can park the bike. I do not have a bike as I cannot ride one, never could. As a kid I would have no balance, and getting older it did not improve. I prefer four wheels to two.

Vorstadtparkhaus, Solothurn

And I remember when they built one of the parking silos in our town. It was quite revolutionary because you drove in a circle and could park at the sides of the route, so you always found th next available empty space.

I have a problem at the moment. If I park in town I have a plastic card to use to enter and leave the various parking houses. I just load the card up with money and reload when it is used. There is one small problem. I now regularly drive again after many years as Mr. Swiss no longer drives and have not yet remembered how to feed my card in the machine. I forgot how to do it, but no problem. One day I am sure I will rediscover it again. Mr. Swiss said just feed it into the slot, but it will not eat the card. And so I get a ticket to pay each time I park – silly me.

FOWC with Fandango: Garage