RDP Thursday: Friend

Ornament in garden 08.09.2018

What is a friend? It is a feeling that you get after meeting someone and you find them on your wave length. Some stay, some go and perhaps you have that one particular friend that is always there for you. I have that friend, even though we are miles apart.

So that is the serious stuff, but there are others.

In the day and age of computer contact, you might have hundreds of friends in Facebook or other social sites. They might be gaming friends, or just friends of friends but you have never met them, and who knows? If you did they might get on your nerves.

I have memories from one particular guy. Today you get all sorts of strange telephone calls. Some want you to buy something, or they try to sell you an insurance that you do not want, the so-called spam, so we just put down the telephone, or perhaps tell them to get lost.

Then there is the guy that somehow has your telephone number and lives in Nigeria. Yes it happened to me.

“Hello, I want to be your friend.” were his words on the telephone. And to follow up “I am calling from Nigeria.”

Now how can a guy just call me and pay for a long distance from Nigeria? And why me?

My answer was

“Yes, but I do not want to be your friend” and so I hung up the telephone.

Are we that far in this modern day and age that we just tell someone you do not know, have never seen, and probably do not even speak the same language at home, that we call them to say we want to be your friend.

This was not an isolated case, because for a while, now and again strange men called me from Nigeria wanting to be my friend. I came to the conclusion that Nigerians must be lonely people. My natural reaction was to immediately hang up the phone and the calls stopped. Was I being selfish, unfriendly? Were these guys alone in the world and all they wanted was a sympathetic voice to talk to. Or did they want more? I never gave them the chance to find out.

Friends are not in a mail order catalogue.

RDP Thursday: Friend

Photo Challenge: Friend?

Tabby and Roschti 31.05 (3)

Friend? I am not so sure about that, felines do not have friends, just enemies, or others that you keep at a distance. For example our Tabby, at the front of the photo, is keeping an eye on Roschti, the neighbours cat, sitting on a pile of covering material left by the builders. Tabby is suspicious.

“What are the intentions of Roschti? Is he trying out my territory for a takeover? It was only yesterday that he left his mark on that material – I saw it and smelt it. On the other hand perhaps he is just trying to see how far he can go. He is looking in a different direction, playing cool. I will keep my eye on the situation. Never trust a feline, I should know. Mrs. Human stay here, I might need re-inforcements if he decides to attack.”

The problem is that the word “friend” does not exist in meow, just “mine”, and “I me and myself”. There is a new phrase “cats first” but they borrowed that from a human.

Photo Challenge: Friend?

Daily Prompt: Friend

Holiday Italy with Sandra 1965

A photo showing me fifth from the left in the back row, the tallest,  and we were all sporting nice sun tans from the 2 weeks we had spent in Italy on holiday. Were these people all my friends? One of them was because we were at school together and in 1965 decided to go on one of those coach holidays to Italy. The photo was taken on the Piazzale Michelangelo, a well known look out point over Florence. You can see the Florence cathedral, Duomo, in the background. The main part of the holiday was spent in Sorrento where we enjoyed beach life. Actually both my friend’s father and mine spent some war time in Sorrento, one of the reasons we chose to visit. Of course, since this photo we have not set eyes on any of these people, many of which may no longer be amongst us, or well into the golden oldie age, but they were our friends for two weeks in our life.

With the onset of social media the word “friend” no longer has the meaning it used to. In Facebook I have 720 friends, according to the statistics shown on my page. This is quite sad actually, because there was a time I had over 900 friends. Where did they go in the meanwhile? Did they die, were they kidnapped, or in the worst case did they disown me. I do know I have been disowned because probably I no longer play the games they played when they were glad to have me in their group helping them on the way to success with the gifts I was distributing. It worked both ways, I was also profiting from the situation. Of course there are a few so-called friends that decided to disown me because something I said or did and was no longer a favourable choice. I think I am better off without them. Unless I had been insulted, I never disowned anyone. It is not worth the time and effort and who cares. We are all part of the great Facebook social media. I even have my own community in Facebook, suggested to me by WordPress. It seems to be a chain of connections in this cyber world, but at least it keeps me out of mischief.

Today I got a message from Twitter thanking me for still being with them on their 10th anniversary. Actually I just crosspost my blogs from WordPress, another suggestion from WP. Do we notice that these social connections are ever present? I do not tweet really, I am not famous enough for anyone to read my tweets, although I do have followers in Twitter who just seem to appear from time to time.

I have friends in WordPress, people I have met on the way and who I have got to know. In this world of Daily Prompt I meet the same people daily. We do not know each other. Some of us have real names but mainly we are under a pseudonym to keep it all safe. I mean if I am Kim Kardaschian, then I would bombarded by people wanting to be my followers, so I prefer being just a plain and simple Angloswiss for a quiet life. I am perhaps Hilary Clinton, who knows, and then I would guaranteed make the top 10 in WordPress. Sorry to disappoint I am just Mrs. Angloswiss, but Mr. Swiss? – no I will not tell you.

I do have real friends made out of flesh and blood. The colleague in the above photo is still my friend and also godmother to my youngest. We have been through thick and thin together, and although since 50 years separated by many kilometers, she being in London and me in Switzerland, we still have contact. I stay with her when visiting my dad in London and she looks to a few bits and pieces for my dad because I am not there. We do not bother with disagreements or such, we are just friends.

I had a schoolfriend when I was 10 years old, we were at the same school and my mum would look after her during the day because her mother went to work. She was a year younger than me. Time passed and her family emigrated to Australia. We wrote to the point when we were both married. I knew her married name and now and again would search in the cyberworld until yes, I found her name in Facebook somewhere in Australia. I wrote, she wrote and we are now corresponding. This friendship revived after at least 50 years of silence. Everything is possible today if you are online it seems.

I have a very good online friendship with a lady in America that shares my real name. I knew her at a distance from Internet and a genealogy group with my single name, I wrote and she wrote and we have fun. It is not intensive, does not have to be, but she and I are now cousins (although only online cousins). Yes life is fun in the cyberworld if you keep it in its proportions.

So friends, I will now go today. Keyboards reaching out across the online world to say have fun, see you tomorrow, same place and same time (although due to daylight saving time I am getting these prompts an hour earlier). Love you all in a cyber way.

Daily Prompt: Friend

Daily Prompt: A Friend in Need

Finish this sentence: “My closest friend is…”

Photographers, artists, poets: show us FRIENDSHIP.

Children playing Friedhofplatz Solothurn

This is friendship as I also knew it as a kid. Did not matter where and when, but the main thing was you did it together. I took the photo just by chance last week in town sitting in a street café and the children were just having fun together: climbing part of one of the remaining pieces of an old Roman wall still preserved in our town which was established when Julius Ceaser and his merry centurions decided to discover Europe.

Now to me: My closest friend is ……. Yes, you have it. I, Me and Myself. It is not that I am neglected, not wanted, disowned but really WordPress Daily Prompt: is it really your business and are you really interested to know the company I keep? I am sure that those friends still remaining also do not want their photo, descriptions and declarations of love plastered all over Internet for the world to see.

“Yes Mrs. Human, you have hit the human nail on the head.”

Nera, the chief feline arrives and continues her sermon.

“We felines have absolutely no use for a friend, the word does not even exist in meow.”

“But Nera, I have noticed that you sometimes let Fluffy have a nibble at a mouse you have terminated.”

“Forget it Mrs. Human. I had already terminated two mice and was no longer hungry, so I couldn’t care less who ate the third mouse. It is just a question of territorial rights. First come, first served, and if there is anything left, then who cares. It is written in the book of Bast.”

“Oh, I see” a normal answer from a feline, I suppose. The only time they share anything is when the mother cat supplies milk.

“Not even then” said Tabby, Nera’s litter sister. “If the milk tap is empty, then you have to wait until it fills up. Nera was always the first on the tap, that is why she is big and fat, she would even give me a kick with her back leg to make sure she had first drink.”

“Tabby I am not fat, it is fluff, how often do I have to say that? You were just slow on the paws. I was faster and fitter than you were.”

“Ok, felines, but now back to my bloggy exercise about my friends.”

“Mrs Human you belong to three felines, you do not have friends.”

“I have Mr. Swiss, he is my best friend.”

“He doesn’t count” said Nera. He is your mate. Mates do not count; do you see felines walking around paw in paw with the other sort? No, not necessary, we are independent and only need a mate to maintain the species. I, Tabby and Fluffy have no part in maintaining the species after our unforgettable visit to the vet. Not that I am sorry about that, at least we do not have screaming demanding kittens to bother about: nothing worse than having to look after kittens in need. When I think of your overgrown kitten that is sometimes on a visit ……..”

And Tabby and Fluffy stamped their paws in approval.

“Felines you are really selfish.”

“Mrs. Human, the word selfish does not exist in meow.”

I decided to leave the conversation, if it was a conversation. More a lecture from a Queen feline telling us humans that we have got it all wrong. Who needs friends when you have three felines? Huh!

Where is Tabby

Daily prompt: A Friend in Need