Daily Prompt: It’s not a fraud but the whole truth

Facebook Profile

The secret life of Mr. Swiss has now been revealed. I did not want it to end like this, honest, but it just happened. If you join social media (for the second time), they welcome you with open computers and embrace any information that you voluntarily give them.

I made a small alteration to my profile today, just a small one, but it has become a big step for me. Mr. Swiss rejoined the Facebook masses two days ago, and since then his computer has been endlessly busy with new/old Facebook colleagues wanting to meet him again  “Be my friend” was the phrase of the day.

Today I decided to welcome him into my page of Facebook as a husband, a small step for me because it has existed for almost 48 years, but perhaps a big step for Mr. Swiss. Facebook warned me that they would have to give their permission. Of course, it could be anyone pretending to be Mr. Swiss. I have so many American GI offiers that want to join my group of friends, even a surgeon arrived this week, but these are apparently scumbags. Naturally I have to disappoint them all, there is only one Mr. Swiss.

And what did Facebook do. They confirmed my request after many examinations into the secret behind this new/old man in my life. They did not just make a small annuncement, no. They spread a joint photo on my site to confirm that we are now connected in Facebook. He is even getting comments from my Facebook colleagues and answering with a Smiley. Is there no end to this new discovery in the cyber life of Mr. Swiss.

I was asked whether it is advisable to change the password click to a click on a photo, although the answer was superfluous, he is an old hand at Facebook and he had already completed the proceidure. He is even posting videos and photos. Nothing is safe since he has entered the realm of Facebookers. I had to make a quick check: his friends are climbing, mine remain stable. What does he have that I do not? We no longer speak so much, just confer with the Facebook messenger system.

This is not a fraud, we are in this together until the bitter end.

Daily Prompt: It’s not a fraud but the whole truth