RDP #22 Pond

Water Lily Pond

This is a pond at the local senior residence. It is quite near where I live. I decided to take a wheelie in my chair for a few photos. This is quite a nice pond and is full of water lilies, although at the moment there are not so many flowers.

Water Lillies 08.06 (1)

The last time I was there I took a few closeups and there were more flowers. As I was taking my photos one of the residents saw me and mentioned what a lovely subject it must be for a photo, and I could only agree.

Fountain, senior home

Next to the pond they have an interesting fountain, so while I was there I took a photo. Actually this senior residence is really a wonderful place. They have a restaurant, which is also open to the public and who knows, one day I might be one of the inmates, but I still have a few years to go and then I can take all the photos I want to.

We have a few senior homes where I live. I remember this one being built about 30 years ago and we were all asking can we afford it. Switzerland is not a country known for its social institutions, but as far as I understood this one, the home is not cheap. Your income via pensions schemes is examined and they take it all for the costs of the home, leaving some sort of pocket money for your private needs. The food, is included and you have no extra bills to pay, assuming that your pension money will be enough for the charges.

Basically I have no idea and will cross that bridge when it arrives. It will be a question of me or Mr.  Swiss needing somewhere to go, and in the meantime we manage quite nicely in our own four walls. It is funny how these things suddenly crop up when you are a golden oldie. Anyhow make the most of it, and take photos of where you might be going. After all it even has a pond.

Senior Residence

RDP #22: Pond