RDP Friday: Finally


I finally found it, although I never thought I had lost it really. I just knew it must be somewhere. It all began with a pack of Emmentaler cheese, not that it is my favourite cheese, but I like a little variety in the evening with my cold cuts. The cheese was missing and I know I bought it. And  then this morning I realised that I should have a small loaf of cut bread for frying with my fried eggs and spam for the evening meal. It went on further. Where are the tomatoes I bought to accompany my eggs for the great fry up and for my pizza tomorrow?

This was really getting serious. We would starve and no way was I going on another shopping trip tomorrow, that did not come into the question. I do not harbour suicidal thoughts and that would be the result of shopping on Saturday after Good Friday and before Easter Sunday. I had so carefully planned everything. I even had two supersized chocolate Easter bunnies which had not disappeared. It was time for my after lunch sleep, but I was tossing and turning and then I had a brilliant idea. The missing items were not in the fridge or in a cupboard and I know I bought them. When I awoke from my troubled sleep I decided to visit my parked car in the garage.

I opened the boot and there is was, a black shopping bag, which I otherwise never use, sitting in a black holder in a very dark boot of the car. There were too many shadows and too much black, but it was a shopping bag and there was even a spring onion poking out of it. I had not even missed my spring onions? And so I found it all again, it was not forgotten, it was not a moment of forgetfulness in a golden oldie memory, although admittedly I did forget to take the bag out of the car when I arrived home. I just had one bag too many to balance on my walker, but the Easter food is saved. Easter never did have a good place in my shopping memories, too much stress.

At least I managed to cook todays lunch with no problems.

Good Friday Lunch

Not exactly master-chef presentation, but it was my second plate full. The first looked much better.

RDP Friday: Finally

Daily Prompt: Yes, you can do it

Estate 16.09.2017

Today was really a Spring day even if it is the last in the year. Temperatures were up to 12° C and it was warm, although the chill is still hovering in the background. I was finally ready to go with my Wheelchair. Up to now I had been trying all the bells and whistles in the appartment. The appartment being small, I had to be careful with the steering not to collide with a chair, a desk or a cupboard. Practice makes perfect and I now felt fairly confident. However, apart from a 15 minute practice when the guy arrived to show me how to do it, I have not actually been let loose in the wide outdoors.

Today was the day it seems, although I really had to take my courage in my hands. It was a day when I was sure everyone was taking a walk, but I was lucky it seems as no-one was taking a walk on our estate. Mr. Swiss escorted me out of the block, as the doors would have been difficult to open from a wheelchair, although I could have done it myself by getting out of the wheelchair whilst opening the doors and closing them afterwards. And so I was on my way. Mr. Swiss walked with me towards the end of our path and was already making suggestions about my return journey, but I wanted more.

I waved goodbye and set off armed with my camera and a zoom lens as it was a good day for alp sighting. I went uphill and downhill, crossed rough terrain and even avoided a car. Our village has roads and sidewalks, but they are not always defineable. Eventaully I took the last lap and curved into the path shown on the photo. Now I had a choice. Shall I take the downhill run on the righthand side, or turn left and take the long way back. I decided on the long way back as downhill was not really my thing and I have not yet got the knack of the gears, although I only have three.

It can only get better, but I arrived home safely. I had to call Mr. Swiss on my new super iPhone X to open the main door. I could have done it on my own, but it is always easier when you have a trainer.

I rolled into the appartment full of confidence and spent the next half an hour parking my new iron horse. I mentioned to Mr. Swiss my next obstacle to overcome is crossing the road and up to the castle. He said I am not ready for crossing main roads and should be patient. In the meanwhile I am still in training. These are cool runnings, but without the snow.

Daily Prompt: Yes, you can do it