FOWC with Fandango: Excuse

Did I have an excuse to remove my masks today in the store, when our government has decreed that we should wear one? Of course this was not my actual mask, although I would like something like that, a bit different to the rest.

However, just before I entered the store I put on my mask.

Admittedly it is not film star worthy, but it is all we get at a decent price. The first thing I noticed was that my glasses began to steam up. I groped my way through the store, glancing at my shopping list which is always on my iPhone. I noticed that my phone refused to recognise my face and I had to insert the code constantly. Phones do not include masks in their facial recognition. My shopping expedition was eventually completed. We all seemed to have the same masks in the store, the pale blue effect with the white lining. They are the ones you can buy at the stores. Anything else would be a special execution, or perhaps if you know someone with a sewing machine, it would be an individual choice.

And then I arrived at the cash desk to pay. I have an app on my phone which I switch on by looking at the screen and then it came to a full stop. I did the unthinkable, I removed my mask from my face and slipped it under my chin still hanging on my ears. You know the effect, the one everyone does when the mask is not called for and you do not want to remove it.

It was then that my app on my phone recognised me and I could pay. I assured the lady at the desk I was not trying to find an excuse not to pay. I blamed it on the phone where facial recognition was not working. I remember the introductory conference when Apple introduced their new phone system. They did not say anything about wearing a mask. Perhaps I should have programmed the phone when I was wearing a mask.

FOWC with Fandango: Excuse