FOWC with Fandango: Empty

Empty from hand liquid

This is an empty space in the store. It has been empty since the beginning of March, perhaps even in February. It used to be full of bottles of hand sanitizer which seems to have disappeared from the image area of perception. It no longer exists. Since we have an invasion of the unknown virus, they have disappeared. I still check for a miracle delivery three times a week when I visit the store, but to no avail. It has disappeared forever and I must be satisfied with soap and water.

Hand disinfection

Although when entering and leaving the supermarket I have a table with complimentary alcohol for my hands.

Life is changing, our necessities in life are different. At the end of March it was toilet paper. Now we have enough. There was fear of a food shortage, but after a week of worry it was discovered there was plenty to eat.

What do we really need: not hand sanitzer, but perhaps a weapon to combat the sleeking virus. One day we might have it. In the meanwhile let us wash our hands in alcohol.

FOWC with Fandango: Empty

RDP Friday: Empty


Well that was an easy one. Guess what used to be on this shelf in the supermarket before the virus paid a visit to Europe. You don’t know?

Here’s another photo from a different angle.


Makes it a bit easier as you can see some remains in the background. And I was the proud possessor of 3 packs, 30 pieces. Unfortunately Mr. Swiss tells me he had to fill up today, and now I only have 15 left. Looks like I will have to start cutting squares of newspaper.

RDP Friday: Empty

Daily Prompt: The Mystery of the Empty Keyhole


You have an empty feeling when you notice something is not there that should be there, perhaps the door keys. It all began quite harmless. I had an appointment at the dentist, not the best sort of appointment, but at a sensible time after my golden oldie daily after-lunch sleep. I was awake, got myself dressed for the dentist and was ready to go.

“Where are your keys?” another trick question from Mr. Swiss I thought.

“In the door” was my answer.

“No they are not in the door, the keyhole is empty.”

“They are probably in my handbag”. My handbag is not the best place to search for object, it can be dangerous. It contains all sorts of items such as a camera (for the sudden photo that might become famous, purse (with credit card variations and train permits),  and keys (if they are not in the door). All these items were present stowed away in the various slots and pockets that my handbag has. There was even a key which was the car key and not the ones I was looking for. The car keys are useful for locking and unlocking the car door. They would also be useful to drive the car if I ever drove the car, but why drive a car when you have a Mr. Swiss. He is so much better at it than I am, so he tells me when I am driving. One of the main reasons why I do not bother – we have slight disagreements about how to do it.

I distinctly remember having my keys when we returned from the morning shopping excursion. We deposited the 5 Kg box of washing powder in my laudry room in the cellar and I was left to close and lock its door. The rest was quite foggy because I had to rush to visit a certain place in the appartment, which we often visit after returning from a journey. Luckily we have two of these places in our home and so both were occupied. It was such an urgent matter that I did not even have time to hang my jacket on the rack and tossed it on the floor. After the emergency was over and things were back to normal, I cooked lunch.

It was now time to depart for the dentist and we were ready, but the keys were still missing. I was convinced they must be somewhere. Another drama developed when Mr. Swiss discovered that the entrance door to our appartment was not locked – yes, I had had an emergency situation. There was no time to spare, in ten minutes I should be sitting in the dentist chair having my tooth repaired. Mr. Swiss left me at the dentist and I was under the impression he would have a quick coffe somewhere until I called him to pick me up.

It was a short job at the dentist, a plain and straightforward filling and I was finished in less than an hour. I called Mr. Swiss, who was already waiting for me outside. He did not have a coffee, but had returned home in the meanwhle to look for the missing key. I stayed cool and was convinced it would turn up somewhere.  He did not find my key, but as a man he did not really know where to look.

In the meanwhile he used his key to lock up and open again. I entered the appartment and retraced my steps. What do you do when you arrive home. I do not know what you do, but I change my clothes into something more comfortable where it does not matter if cooking stains occur, something loose without restraints from belts or other such instruments. To do this I open the wardrobe and what was the first item I saw. Of course, my key bunch was laying on the first shelf where I keep my street dress (as opposed to my loose fitting casual home dress with all the stains of housewife duties).

Mr. Swiss was relieved, I stayed cool. What was the fuss all about? To find something a woman loses, you have to think like a woman. I do not know where Mr. Swiss searched for the keys, but men are too logical and methodic, they do not have the same 6th sense in finding keys that we women have I suppose.

I would add that this morning when we returned home I could have had a toilet accident, it would not have bothered me, but the first thing I did was to put my key bundle in the door and lock the door and that is where they still are –  I hope, will just go and have a check. One thing I detest are empty keyholes in a door. They are suspicious and can be the source of all sorts of problems.

Daily Prompt: The Mystery of the empty Keyhole