FOWC with Fandango: Egregious

18.01 (69)

This is in the underground path to town. It enables you to avoid the traffic when crossing the road. What is this egregious buiding. Yes, I used the word, but am still not sure whether correctly.  I even consulted the german meaning, and I must honestly say it made more sense. The word “ungeheuer” means more to me than egregious. I think I have been away too long from my english surroundings.

I am drifting. What is this desolate building in an underground path. Its original purpose was a kiosk. You could buy newspapers, your lotto tickets, and magazines. There was even the opportunity to buy sweets. This must now be at least 20 years ago, although I believe more. It was closed as it probably was not showing any profit. It has not been used since. I often wonder what it looks like behind the closed blinds. Perhaps it is now used as prison cells for criminals. The blinds have not been moved for the last 20 years.  If you ascend the slope to the world above,  the local police station is the first building you see. Ungeheuer isn’t it?

FOWC with Fandango: Egregious

RDP Sunday: Egregious


There are days when you rise on the wrong foot
Nothing goes right, it all goes wrong
So I poke out my tongue and sharpen my horn
Get out of my way, my anger can be strong

I trample around and howl like a goat
Clear the path, do not disturb, I could bite or charge
My mood can be quite poisonous I am danger in person
There are no holds barred, I am now at large

I ignore your feelings, I really don’t care
Only I matter, I am so prestigious
And now I feel better after writing these words
So I calm down, who me egregious?

RDP Sunday: Egregious