Flower of the Day: 01.08.2018 Edelweiss


Today is 1st August, the Swiss National day, so I went for the search for the Swiss national flower and yes, it is the Edelweiss. Now and again it is sold in our store, and I take a photo. Otherwise I do not often see it growing as it is an Alp flower, very high up and needs the cold temperatures to develop. It is not a beauty like the rose, but it has its charm.

Flower of the Day: 01.08.2018 Edelweiss

Flower of the Day: 28.08.2017 Edelweiss


Now and again we might see them in the store and this time there were many, so I decided to take a photo of the whole group. They do not grow in the lowlands of Switzerland, and you have to climb the heights of the mountains to find them. They seem to need the cold to develop, but here they are. Nothing really spectacular, but not often seen.

Flower of the Day: 28.08.2017 Edelweiss

Flower of the Day: 02.07.2016 Edelweiss


Stay cool, just because I live in Switzerland it does not mean that Edelweiss grows in my back yard. You would have to climb up the nearest mountain to find it and even then you might not find it. Our nearest mountains are the Jura, and as far as I know Edelweiss is not one of the flowers you find growing in the meadow. You would have more luck somewhere where the Ibex, and Chamoix and eagles say good night to each other in the Swiss alps.

I often spent holidays in the Bernese Overland, where the Eiger and Jungfrau mountain is, but never found an edelweiss growing wild. I think you have to put on the mountain boots and tie youself to someone with a rope to succeed in finding one, if you don’t fall down the mountain on the way.

I saw these Edelweiss in the local supermarket and of course thought of all my friends over the pond and otherwise wanting to see an Edelweiss, so took two photos to prove that they actually exist. They were being sold at a special price, but I did not buy any. I do not think they would last long in my garden, and anyhow who wants an Edelweiss in the garden, they are not even a pretty plant. You can always go and see the Julie Andrews film “The Sound of Music”, I am sure there are some Edelweiss in the film or they might sing about them.

And here is a final photo – a group of Edelweiss flowers, all nicely in pots ready for the customers.


Flower of the Day: 02.07.2016 Edelweiss