Good Friday and everything still good

front garden

And another day dawns on the Angloswiss residence, this time we are in the front garden. Thought it would make a change from the back garden, although I had to raise the blinds and venture into the fresh morning light for the photo, taken with my iPhone. I quickly withdrew after taking the photo, as I had still not participated of my breakfast accompanied by my computer.

Today is a lazy day as I have almost nothing to do. Just the usual whip round with the cleaning appliances and a cook-in at lunch time. What am I going to do with my day? I could take a walk with my camera I suppose, although the last time I did that I ended up in the ER at the hospital after a fall. I have now almost fully recovered, so I suppose I could do it again – I mean a walk, not a fall.

I could read further in my book about Dada. If you do not know Dada, do not worry. It is an art movement of the European avant-garde in the early 20th century founded in Zürich although it spread later to other European towns and it is now celebrating 100 years. In Zürich they have various occasions to commemorate it and I will be meeting a friend there as we are both Dada fans. If you want to know more, have a look in the Internet. It is just my type of thing, but all extreme, crazy, surrealistic stuff is my thing I suppose.  If you wear a paper wizard-similar hat and a paper cloak and recite a poem with strange words that make no sense then you are a candidate for Dada.

Probably it will be a take-it-easy day, I even spent an hour longer in bed this morning to celebrate. And now is time to say goodbye to my computer for a few hours. He has also earned a relaxed day.

Have a nice day everyone, and throw the Easter egg shells in the trash and do not let them land on the floor. If you tread on them there will be egg shell crumbs everywhere.


Now Easter can come, I am ready


The anemones are flowering in the garden, accompanied by some crocus, so what could possibly go wrong? Thanks to the enthusiasm of Mr. Swiss completing the shopping today for the bits and pieces we did not buy yesterday, the cupboard, fridge and ice box are now full to overflowing.

Not that we are intent on an eating orgy throughout the holiday, although strictly speaking we should have all been fasting up to now. Not being religious and not really finding anything good about Friday tomorrow, we planned the food on existence, and not on indulgence. This lead to the situation that there is no more space for anything more. Thank goodness we ate some of it today, otherwise we would have been in dire straits. Tomorrow we will eat the fish with some french fries/chips and a salad so that will make space in the freezer.

Although you should always look at things from the positive side. I do not have to go shopping until Wednesday because we even got something for Tuesday lunch, due to the fact that I like to clean the bathroom thoroughly on Tuesday morning. No, not “like”, “must” is more the word to be used.

I have not invited anyone to share my Easter, I have not been invited, it will be just I, Mr. Swiss and son No. 1, although son No. 1 brought a problem home today from the factory where he works. They are supplied with overalls because they work in oily surroundings. It seems that these overalls are no longer being washed by the company but are now the responsibility of those who wear them although the guy that wears them in our house does not really know about using a washing machine. Judging by the smell of this overall I do not think I want to share it with my other washing items, so it will be a separate wash and hope that the oil washes away and does not attach itself to my washing machine forever and ever.

And now for a peaceful relaxed long week-end with no long shopping excursions. Easter will pass, then we have Ascension Day (Thursday), Corpus Christ (Thursday), Whitsun (Monday) and I think we can relax and take a deep breath until 1st August (Swiss national day on Monday) and Asumption (again a Monday). We could have a rest until Christmas, but I think that All Souls Day arrives on 1st November which I sincerely hope is on a Sunday, otherwise it will be another day when everything is closed.

Yes, we live in a catholic Kanton in Switzerland. If we lived in a Swiss Reform Church Kanton we would not have half of those days where the shops are closed. Of course, we can journey to the Kantons where the shops are open, but others living in the catholic Kantons also have this idea, so forget it. Roads packed, trains packed and crowded shops. Better to stay at home and stock the food up in the fridge, freezer and cupboards, or perhaps starve, fasting is good for you.

Easter flowers

Daily Prompt: Price


If the price is right, then do it, and why not? I am not sure if Mr.Swiss was happy with me sitting next to a sort of stranger, his arm around my shoulder, but he was laughing putting a good face on the situation probably. Where were we? A very good question. We were sitting outside of a restaurant in Montmartre, Paris some time in the late 1980’s I think. It was our second holiday in Paris. On the first we took our two boys with us, but they were now older and so we were on our own. If you are in Montmartre, it does not take long to meet an artist who wants to draw your portrait. We were the ideal victims as we could employ two artists. We found it would be a good souvenir of a week in Paris. Somewhere in our archives in the cellar I still have the portraits. I think the cost was around 100 French Francs. It was in the days before the Euro. Oh yes, those two knew how to charm the tourists. It was probably one of their colleagues that took the photo, there were enough of them around, all budding Picassos or whatever.

At the moment I am composing my shopping list for Easter. I hate the Easter holidays, it is a purge on the modern day housewife.  Tomorrow is Wednesday, my supermarket shopping day. Thursday I stay at home and Friday I complete the week-end shopping. Unfortunately Friday is Good Friday, and I am still trying to find something that is good about it. Switzerland is very strict when it comes to religious holidays, and thus everything is closed on Friday, meaning I will have to get it all, or most of it, tomorrow. Of course I can also go shopping on Thursday, but Thursday is not for shopping, it is reserved for cleaning the shower and windows.

However, where there is a Mr. Swiss there is hope and he sort of volunteered to go shopping alone on Thursday, although he actually wante to visit a drumming lesson. I think he has pushed that onto the afternoon. My list in my iPhone is growing. Mr. Swiss told me not to just list things we need but to organise it according to the meals we are eating. OK, I am doing it, where there is a mobile phone there is hope. Actually it is quite a good system. The first step is a skeleton of the days, dinner being the main theme. You add to  your ideas constantly, checking in the fridge and kitchen to see what you have and what you need. Are you following me? I do not have to sit for a solid hour on this job, I do it in between. I already have Wednesday through to Saturday complete. I also have Easter Monday which is another day when everything is closed. Sunday is a big question mark, but I will show Mr. Swiss and explain to him tomorrow in the supermarket what a leg of lamb, or a rolled leg of lamb looks like and perhaps even take a photo or two for his iPhone. What could possibly go wrong? I cannot buy the meat too early, otherwise you would probably smell it before it was cooked.

As I said Easter holiday is a purge on the housewife. I would never enter a shopping center on the Saturday in between. It resembles a siege, a fight with no rules, every woman with barred teeth armed with a supermarket basket on wheels, ready for an all out attack on the others. I am sure the hospital ER wards are full of victims with bruises broken bones resulting from the attack of a trolley, their limbs bearing prints of the wheels as they drive over their bodies. That is another reason I am sending Mr. Swiss on Saturday. He is so good at it, and I think the housewives tend to take pity on a lonely man in a supermarket on that day. The usually make a large circle with their trolleys to avoid the masculine shoppers.They do not harm and wait patiently at the till until it is there turn without uttering the battle cry “I was here first”.

What does this all cost? You do not measure it in a price, in Swiss francs or Dollars or whatever you happen to use as a currency. No, it is measured in nerves that might be frayed, torn or lost in the battle. Money is no object as long as you win the supermarket siege.

Daily Prompt: Price

Daily Prompt: Flow

This morning I decided it must be Friday, not that it is something to decide, it just happens once a week, with the flow of the days. My next thoought, “is it my Vitamin D drops day?”, as my iPhone did not tell me to take the drops at 8.a.m., I decided it was not and when I checked I saw that would be tomorrow, Saturday. I am sure my life would no longer flow as well as it should were it not for the organised signals on my telephone. As my telephone is also connected to my iPad by some strange cloud, you cannot miss anything. The signals flow around constantly. Even my Macbook just reminded me that I had forgotten to take a tablet yesterday evening, which is not true because my telephone told me to take them yesterday and I did. Macbook was showing off that he knows it as well. The signals are flowing around as if they are all part of the same organic matter.

So, after establishing that it was Friday,  I knew it was time for an excursion to the local supermarket for the week-end hunting trip. Our first annoyance was that the local train also decided to flow in front of us when we reached the barrier, incurring a 3 minute wait. I used the time to prepare my camera for an action shot and Mr. Swiss used the time to curse the train for disturbing our traffic flow.

Bipper Lisi

And then we were on our way. I discovered last week that if I know what I want to cook, I know what to buy, all part of the flow. This goes further. Make a list on your iPhone, send it to your partner as an SMS to buy what we need. We met a married couple we have known for many years, and they were also flowing to the same places, but without the hints from their mobile phones.  I suppose we cannot all flow in the same direction. As we chose the items we needed, I eliminated them from my list and eventually there was no list. All the quests had been dealt with, except for one.

It will soon be Easter, and in the normal flow of things, the local supermarket organisers are again presenting us with Easter bunnies. I still have three from last year, but this year they are an improvement. They have one of those Velcros fastenings in their back where you can open them up, like some sort of post mortem and turn them inside out for a different design. Instead of just the normal plain fluffy look. they also have large polka dots. To own one of this bunnies you collect  stickers on your Easter Egg card, simple really. I had a completed card and yesterday I let Mr. Swiss out on his own to do some shopping. There was a golden oldie before him in the queue, female,  who had bought enough supplies for a month, and was showered with Easter Bunny stickers. As luck would have it she was not collecting and so she asked Mr. Swiss. What did he say “my wife collects them, thank you”. Of course I collect them, but why did he not say “we collect them” or “Yes, my great grandchild would love to have a bunny”. No, it was the wife who was the collector of course. I am rambling on again, but we now had two full  cards.

Easter Bunnies

“Hey Fred, this is fun. At last on our own. I wonder where we will be going.”

“To our Easter pradise probably, Gladys, surrounded by easter eggs and chocolate. Anything will be better than sitting on the shelf in the supermarket, waiting to be picked. I distinctly heard the human lady say she wanted a blue one and a red one.”

“But what about Cyril, he is green and now all on his own.”

“No problem, Gladys. I heard the lady say she will return in a week to choose Cyril. She has to collect enough easter egg stickers to complete a new card.”

“Oh, how exciting Fred. We now have something to look forward to: spending Easter as one bunny family all together.”

“Of course Gladys: our destiny you just have to go with the flow.”

Daily Prompt: Flow

Daily Prompt: Tagline – Just tagging along for the ride

Often, our blogs have taglines. But what if humans did, too? What would your tagline be?

Hyacinths 2015

“Spring is in the air”

“Then help me up, I don’t feel like I am in the air, someone pushed me.”

“Who said that?”

The blue hyacinth on the right, I was blown over by the storm.”

“Oh, I didn’t see that, but I am sure you will survive.”

“The way that wind is blowing and the rain is falling down, I do not think many of us will survive.”

“But you will return next year.”

“Forget it Human, you just do not want to get your feet wet.”

So what could I do? I waded into the dirt and strung it up to the nearest hibiscus twig I found and now my hyacinth is happy again.

Yes, the week before Easter and it looks like that Armageddon is making its way over Switzerland. Only last week I was marching on fresh paths between gravestones (at the local cemetery) and on river banks (taking photos of ducks and swans) and now this: dark skies and high winds. One advantage is that I do not have to give the garden its daily supply of water, nature is doing it for me in abundance.

It is the week before Easter and a certain amount of planning must be done. We do not want to starve but there will be a Friday and a Monday that supermarkets and other public rescue stations will be closed. Now that we are golden oldies, we would now be the ones that are invited I suppose. I remember the days of four children and golden oldie relatives that were all sitting around my Easter table being served. I am not unhappy. It is now just me, Mr. Swiss, a son and two felines, but it all has to be planned.

Today is Tuesday and I only have Wednesday to go hunting, no problem. I made a decision today and it was decided that I would not go hunting on Thursday to complete my Easter hunt. I can buy everything vegetable I need tomorrow. Vegetables remain fresh in the fridge or in the kitchen storing places. What about the meat? I have Mr. Swiss who loves being let out on his own as he can combine his excursion with a drum practice at his rehearsal room and he enjoys driving the car.

This evening I will create a list containing meat items that he will organise on Thursday, whilst I am doing my usual thing of cleaning the kitchen and cooking. Tomorrow on my Wednesday shopping expedition I will show him the meat I will need. I might even take a few photos to ensure that he will not be confused by descriptions of food that he does not know. I now only need four stamps for my third Easter Bunny which I hope to have tomorrow.

Easter Bunny: yes the national chain of Migros supermarkets in Switzerland are celebrating Easter with a free Easter Bunny give away. According to how much you spend, you receive a nice colourful round sticky thing that you attach to a card. When the card is full you can choose which bunny you need. Of course, Mrs Angloswiss is collecting like all other victims and I now have two free furry Easterbunnies – see picture.

Easter bunny

These two I assume are mummy and daddy. I am now collecting for No. 3, a green bunny, to complete my family. At the moment these two are sitting and waiting on my cupboard in the living room and ask me daily when there little green bunny is arriving. I have consoled them that I now only need three stickies and my card will be complete. Yes, there is excitement in the Angloswiss household.

As you can see I have no exact taglines. My taglines change daily. Today it is easter bunny, tomorrow is shopping and now and the again the tagline “cleaning” and “golden oldie sleep” appear on the list. My life is not a tagline, it is reality. At the moment it is “daily repeat prompt”.

Daily Prompt: Tagline – just tagging along for the ride

Daily Prompt: Fantasy

The Tooth Fairy (or Easter Bunny, or Santa Claus . . .) : a fun and harmless fiction, or a pointless justification for lying to children?


“Ok men are you ready?”

The chocolate easter bunnies exchanged glances, somewhat perplex.

“Who is that big yellow rabbit at the front, is he the new chief?” they asked each other.

“Did I hear some negative comments” boomed a voice coming from the large yellow rabbit at the front.

“No, of course not” answered the Easter bunny team in unison. We were just wondering if things are different this year.”

Easter bunnies

“We decided to get some organisation into the Easter bunny distribution this year” answered the big yellow rabit “and I have been nominated as the boss. Is that clear?”

“But we thought we were always well organised” said one of the small golden easter bunnies.

“Well organised. Forget it. Do you realise that people are beginning to lose faith in us, That there are some of our followers that have forgotten that we exist. They used to look forward to us arriving. We would be hidden in gardens, beneath tree trunks, perhaps in cupboards in kitchens and the children would search for us. We have a short life, but a happy one, knowing that children all over the world enjoy a chocolate Easter bunny for Easter.”

“You mean the children do not eat chocolate any more?” asked one of the larger chocolate Easter bunnies.

“Of course they eat chocolate” said the master Easter bunny, stamping his large yellow foot “but why search for the Easter chocolates, when they are busy playing with their computers, tablets and other electronic toys. We have gone out of fashion, no-one bothers to search for us any more. I have now been appointed to put some organisation into the system to make the children respect us and find our place again in the Easter festivities. Even the hens have decided to go on strike and will not be laying eggs during the Easter festivities. Their pride is hurt and they feel their egg sacrifice at Easter is no longer appreciated. This year we will teach them a lesson.”

The golden easter bunnies started to murmer amongst themselves, they were quite stressed.

“Calm down” said the chief yellow Easter bunny. “Do not panic, otherwise your ears will start melting and no-one wants an Easter bunny with only one ear.”

“So what will we do to make the children believe in us again” asked a small bunny, whose ear had already lot its tip through exicitement.”

“No problem” said the giant yellow Easter bunny. We will go on strike. The tooth fairy will also no longer replace the teeth with money and Santa Claus also said that he will stay at home this year. They will soon realise that we cannot be replaced with computers.

Big Easter bunnies

So If you see a large yellow rabbit hopping around outside, be kind to him. Invite him in and show him you have decorated some eggs, and have made a nice Easter nest. Show him he is still appreciated, and perhaps the he might change his mind and not go on strike. Do not forget, the fate of the tooth fairy and Santa Claus will also be sealed if he is ignored.

Daily Prompt: Fantasy